Virgin Mobile Prepaid Review

by Karthi

Virgin Mobile has been offering prepaid cell phone service to the he people of U.S. for more than 7 years. It plays a significant role in the prepaid industry. Virgin Mobile's excellent advertisements and promotions attract the youth generation and make them want to choose their service.

The latest offer of unlimited talk will definitely give them good success. I have used Virgin for about 4 years, and I observed that these mobiles phones are wonderful. According to my view their service also very good. Mostly people have the tendency to buy the lowest priced phones available that also have good quality. These phones are extraordinary and outstanding, and are cheap and sometimes even free.

The company also provides good features to customers like their "Sugar Mama" program. This program allows you the chance to earn free minutes to add to your phone through viewing advertisements. It is my understanding that this offer captured and attracted many customers. It offers nationwide services. It is an excellent option for the prepaid cell phone provider and definately you will not be disappointed if you buy and use Virgin Mobile prepaid.

There are a variety of packages you can get. You can also easily buy the all inclusive (i.e. unlimited) package at an affordable price. Still it is considering introducing more broadband schemes. Most of the people who are using Virgin Mobile prepaid broadband connection are happy because of its excellent performance. You can download music and movies easily and you need not wait too long for files to download. You can also enjoy watching online TV shows and programs.

When the connection was introduced in the market, the cost of the connection was very high but now it is getting down to a reasonable price. It is also good to have an unlimited plan which helps us to work on the internet for the entire day and we can also download anything as we like. In my opinion it is a wonderful connection at an inexpensive cost with high speed. When you buy and use this Virgin Mobile prepaid broadband, you will likely better understand my reviews!

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Jan 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

THE RUDEST people I've ever dealt with in any capacity. They will not listen. Won't do their job and have the nerve to make derogatory comments on your acct so when you talk to anyone after they already have a bad attitude. That's after they have hung up and refused to let you speak to a Supervisor or give a name.

It was imparative for me to get service. I had legal issues that were crtical to get addressed right away and they made it impossible. I had just had a heart attack and dealing with them almost gave me another. Each time I called it was one of the most traumatizing experiences ever. I can't even force myself to even deal with them again.

So now the device and money spent are useless. They cost me the lawsuit also. Because I was to I'll go run to the library. They just laughed literally. Other then service was great.

If they want to do better they need to fire each and everyone in the CUSTOMER SERVICE dept. Cuz the abuse is pervasive. I probably called them over 100 times due to the importance of having the service. It did NOT A BIT OF GOOD. THEY REFUSED TO DO A THING AND SAID THEY DID NOT CARE THAT I WOULD LET OTHERS KNOW AND HOPE THEY WERE OUT OF A JOB ONE DAY AND THAT THEY GOT TREATED THE SAME WAY!!! I said I bet their boss or the owner doesn't feel the same about them losing customers.

They caused me a lot of time. Unless you can take the verbal abuse and can afford to throw money away I don't recommend them at all. It's sad!!! I loved my Virgin Mobile for years. Not now! They shouldn't be in business if this is the way they operate!!! There should be a class action lawsuit instead!!! Pay good money for service and got nothing but devasted. I'm disabled and my options are limited. For anyone it's awful though!!! Feel free to email me with your experience.

Oct 03, 2012
Virgin Mobile Nightmare
by: Anonymous

I have never been so disappointed, lied to, cheated, and frustrated in my life. I am 55 years old and have had cell service since I was 22 years old. First they could not get the phone number to work. Then the phone stopped working. Then they messed up the account and I had to put more money in to fund the service. Then it would not connect to a phone that was right next to it from the same service. I finally said forget it and sent it all back in their pre-paid box. They said they never got it (I have a receipt) and then some foreign jerk told me they just are not going to refund me because I got a replacement phone (that I sent back, I have a receipt).

I would go without service before I would use this worthless POS company. It has been 6 months of fighting with stupid uncaring jerks (and a few nice people along the way) listening to the same song for hours on end. Forget it! Keep the $165!

Jan 16, 2011
prepaid unlimited
by: dorothy

have to agree with meghan.i am also a very happy straight talk prepaid customer. not a nurse, but still seem to have an aweful lot to say to friends and family on my nice samsung finesse phone.i pay $45 a month for the unlimited plan and have no worries what so ever about running out of airtime, large bills at monthend, or any activation or cancellation fees.their nationwide coverage has never let me down, so to me straight talk rocks

Jan 14, 2011
Not so sure
by: Meghan

I feel that Straight Talk is the best option for someone like me. I'm a nurse so I need to be able to talk whenever. But I really don't need a smartphone just a phone that can text and call. With straight talk I got myself a really cheap phone that does just the essentials and then got myself their monthly unlimited plan for $45. I switch between that and the $30 plan when I know I'll use less minutes.

Jan 13, 2011
Virgin Broadband2Go Not Good for Streaming
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Thank you for your feedback. I would only caution people that in my experience Virgin's device does not stream video well. Way too much buffering. Note, though, that this is not an issue specifically with Broadband2Go, but with all 3G devices. Even when I got 1.2 Mbps, video streaming was very frustrating.

Here's a link to my detailed Virgin

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