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Are you as excited about tablet computers as has been the rest of the world for that past number of years?!  Are you looking to read or write a tablet notebook review?  I don't know about you, but I personally find reviews to be really insightful, and virtually always thought provoking when well written.  Touchscreen tablet PCs have been around in concept for years, but only after the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010 did the tablet industry really start to existTablet Computer Reviews in a meaningful way.  There has been a tremendous amount of discussion about tablet computers.  Many think that they will result in the demise of the laptop.  While laptop sales have certainly been declining, I personally don't see tablets replacing them.  Even with a good keyboard attachment, they're simply not the same animal.  That's largely why we've seen 2-in-2 devices, and ultrabook design improving.  We've also see Chromebooks increase in popularity as a type of Netbook Computers.  

We're going to continue to see the tablet computer evolve, with a lot of different options in terms of form factor (i.e. size and shape), power, features, and operating systems.  Even phablets have been sqeezing in between small smartphones and small tablets.  This market is definitely getting confusing and creative.  It really is an interesting industry to follow!

Many review sites like Amazon include paid reviews, or companies posting their own reviews.  Rest assured that this site is completely unbiased, and please share your touch screen tablet reviews below!

While you can of course write about anything you want, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
  • Do you think tablet computers will affect the popularity of laptops or even desktops in the the long term?
  • Do you have a preference for what operating system tablets use?  (ex. iOS, Android, Windows)
  • What do you think about using a virtual keyboard?  Is it easy to use?  Do you prefer a physical keyboard attachment?
  • Do you see tablets as a replacement for your current computer, or a supplement?
  • Do you see them as productivity tools, or primarily for content consuption (ex. Facebook, reading email, browsing the Internet)?
  • What kind of features would you want to see that would make you want to spend money on a tablet computer?

Share Your Tablet Notebook Review!

Do you have thoughts, experience, or general opinions about tablet PC computers? Please share your thoughts with other visitors to this site!

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Tablet Notebook Review

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