Prepaid unlimited is the way to go!

by Corey
(Elkhart,Indiana, USA)

Having bad credit is no fun. You can’t really do anything without good credit. These days employers are starting to look at your credit before they hire you. I guess everyone with bad credit are not as good as people with good credit is the thought process behind this. Well cell phone companies have really focused on helping people with a shaky credit history. I have researched and used many different companies that offer prepaid unlimited phone plans.

I will start with the bad. I saw some Cricket Wireless advertising and thought I would give them a try. I never had internet access on my phone and for $50 I could get unlimited everything through them. In about a day I realized I still never had internet access on my phone. I could not open about 90% of websites from my phone and if I found a site I could open it was almost unreadable! I thought that sucked, but I still had unlimited calling so I stuck with them. I was hoping they would improve the web surfing in the short future. So, soon I realized the coverage was horrible. I go fishing with my son a lot. We have a spot we go that is about 15 mins from our house. I never had problems with my previous cell phones in this place. I could not get coverage there from Cricket.

Also, the whole time I had my phone I was trying to transfer my old number to Cricket, which they said would be no problem doing. Every time I called I got a different answer as to what I needed to do and how long it will take. Finally one day I went to pay my bill. It was about 3 weeks past due and my phone was off. I was strapped for cash! I paid my bill
and it was back on right away. A week later it was off. I went in there and they said when I paid my bill it was for the 3 weeks it was off and the one week it was on. Other companies don’t do this, and when I paid my bill they never said it will be due again in a week. It was not in writing anywhere! That did it I was done. I will never go back to Cricket.

The good. US Cellular has been great! They offer prepaid unlimited for $50-$55 a month. The customer service is amazing in the store. If you miss a payment you can just go pay for another month and they will change your dates of service so you don’t pay for the service when you phone is off, unlike others! The only down side for them is they do not offer smartphones on prepay plans. I have talked to them about this and they say they know there is a demand for prepaid smartphones, and they are working on it. I will go back to US Cellular all the time.

Overall, prepay plans are really coming out strong. I am in the process right now of looking for a prepay plan that offers smartphones. Looks like I will go with Boost mobile and get the BlackBerry. I always wanted a cool phone and they offer it. It is $50 a month for unlimited everything and a extra $10 a month for the BlackBerry plan. If you pay your bill on time for 6 months they will take $5 off your bill. It can get down to $35 a month ($45 for BlackBerry plans). Maybe I will come back and review them when I get the phone, but I know I have US Cellular waiting in case I am not happy with Boost Mobile.

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Jan 10, 2011
Prepaid wireless is no longer just for the credit challenged
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I hear you; having poor credit is a huge headache. While I know people who are very financially responsible, and yet ran into circumstances that left them with poor credit, many companies, and even employers do look at it seriously. I guess without knowing the particular individual they need some standard that they can look at to gauge people. In many ways it's similar to the GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT. They show where you stand amongst your peers, however, generally they aren't a good indication of a person's intelligence.

Some argue that if a person is not able to handle their personal finances, it's an indication of their overall responsibility that will translate into the workplace. And some believe that if someone is stressing out monthly regarding how to pay their bills, they won't make for good employees. Of course, this is debatable.

Anyway, while prepaid wireless started off servicing this market, as you've shown, it now offers a variety of great plans that are extremely competitive, and often better, than the value of postpaid plans. If you're going to be with them a long time, the Boost Mobile Shrinkage plan is a pretty good offer.

For those interested in comparing other prepaid smartphone offers currently on the market, feel free to check out the Smartphone Comparison table.

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