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Save Money While You Travel!

Can prepaid SIM cards rescue you while you travel?!  Are you traveling internationally and want to have access to a cell phone without paying huge roaming fees from your home wireless carrier?  Prepaid international SIMs are one of your best options!  The table below lists some of the top providers of international SIM cards.  The notes column should help you get a good feel for the main points that differentiate each international SIM card provider.

Once you've zoned in the service that appears to meet your needs, click on the link in the Product/Pricing column to view the details on their respective websites about the country or countries that you'll be visiting.  Pay special attention to whether a card is multi-country, and what the per minute and per MB data costs are.  Also, take note whether or not you can have the SIM card easily shipped to your home prior to your trip so that you can get setup in advance.

Also, something else to keep in mind is that your wireless provider may have international calling either included in your existing plan, or available as an add-on.  Their pricing used to be completely horrible, however, in recent years they have become more competitive as a means of differentiating their service in the highly competitive wireless market.  The easiest thing to do is to give them a call, or use their online chat, and ask them about their international calling options.

Visit the International Cell Phones page for a detailed discussion about cellular access while traveling abroad, and to learn some additional ins and outs of international SIM cards and phones.

Provider Notes

Telestial Prepaid SIM

  • Works in over 120 countries.
  • Credits last for 30 days from first use.
  • When using the SIM with your unlocked phone/tablet, you'll need to manually set Data Roaming to ON.
  • Also offer satellite phone sales and rentals for locations that don't have cellular coverage.

Cellular Abroad Prepaid SIMs

  • Offer country specific and multi-country options
  • Most countries include unlimited free incoming calls
  • Multi-country SIM card offers free incoming calls throughout all of Western Europe

MobilityPass International Prepaid SIM Cards
  • Global SIM card that works with 450 carriers worldwide.
  • Works with any unlocked GSM device.
Mr. SimCard

Mr. SimCard
  • Global SIM card that works in 110 countries.
  • Also offer international country specific SIM cards.
  • Works on any unlocked GSM phone.

  • Works with any unlocked GSM phone.
  • Offer cell phone rentals.
  • Offer online corporate account system to help companies manage 5 or more employees.
Roam Mobility
Roam Mobility International SIM Cards
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data by the day or month.
  • Buy a SIM for use in your own device, or purchase one from them.
  • Have plans for visitors to the U.S. for phones and data devices, as well as travelling in Mexico.

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Prepaid SIM Cards

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