Prepaid Broadband Coverage

by Terr
(Minnesota - Marine on St. Croix)

Whose prepaid wireless internet network do you use? Can I get broadband high speed internet coverage in area code 55047 in the USA?

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Jun 14, 2010
Prepaid Wireless Internet Choices
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I have a lot of experience using Sprint's network, both directly on their postpaid plans, as well on on their prepaid MVNOs. I've had great experience with coverage as well as speed. Note, however, that when people say that they have great coverage with Sprint, so an MVNO on Sprint's network must be good, or that they have great coverage with AT&T, and so their prepaid program must also be great, you need to be careful. The reason for this is that most MVNOs don't have access to the same roaming partners that their parent company has access to. This is not only a cost consideration, but also allows the host carrier to be able to say that their service is better than any of their MVNOs or their typically less profitable prepaid service.

For example, neither Boost Mobile nor Virgin Mobile have access to roam on Sprint's roaming partner networks. Now Sprint has excellent coverage in and of itself, however, if you have postpaid Sprint, you'll certainly have even more coverage than you would with either Boost or Virgin. Also, if you look at AT&T's website, you'll find that they have a different coverage map for their prepaid versus postpaid plans, even though it's not an MVNO model.

So what's the point of this blabbering? ;-). It's simply to say that although I've used a particular service, it doesn't mean that there aren't other options that might better suit your needs. I think it comes down to coverage in your area where you work and play, prepaid plans that meet your needs in terms of data allowance and period (ex. weekly, monthly, etc.), and overall value.

So I encourage you to review the plans located at:

Compare Prepaid Wireless Broadband Plans

Once you've narrowed it down to the plan or two that seem to meet your data needs and sense of value, click over to their website and see if they offer coverage in your area. Even the regional (i.e. not nationwide) prepaid wireless providers are continually expanding, so if it's not available in your area today, it may very well be next week, next month, or next quarter.

I know you may have been looking for a "what the best plan/provider for TN" type answer, but as you can see, it gets more complicated, and to some extent becomes a personal decision about what meets your needs. In fact, if you go to a website or store/dealer that tries to tell you that there's really one right option for your, or seems to be trying to lead you strongly (i.e. the hard sell) in one particular direction, you should be wary that they're getting paid/getting paid more for referrals to a particular carrier or service plan.

Anyway, once you've reviewed the prepaid wireless broadband plans, if you have any questions, definitely please follow back!

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