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We want to hear your netbook reviews!  If you haven't already read it, and you want to learn about netbooks and what they are, please visit the Netbook section.  Here we want to hear your thoughts about netbooks.  Netbooks, or super small notebook computers with minimum features were available years ago by some companies, however, they never became popular.  But now that the price has come down, and quality and features have improved dramatically, virtually every major PC manufacturer out there is offering one.

The real topic of discussion has been whether this is just a fad, or if netbooks are here to stay?  Many people argue that although they're really small, cool, or neat when you first see them, once you get it home and actually start using one, you'll find that the screen is too small, it's under-powered, and generally lacks the features and applications that you'll find you want to use.  Also, most adults will find the small keyboard size to be annoying at best.  Really, for only a small amount of dollars more (and sometimes the same price or less!), you can get a full featured notebook computer that has more power, more memory, more ports, a built-in CD/DVD drive, longer lasting battery, etc.

On the other side, people doing netbook reviews argue that they are a fantastic alternative to carrying around a larger notebook computer, as well as a super inexpensive option for kids or adults looking for an ultra portable computer.  Many people using netbooks also note that they find them very usable and super convenient, however, they use them only as a second computer for travel, and would never be able to replace their desktop PC or notebook computer with a netbook (due to the reasons noted above).

Also, for those wanting a super portable device, with tablet computers taking off, that may seem to a better option for people not needing a keyboard (though tablets can be extremely expensive compared to laptops and netbooks).

So, what do you think about netbooks?  If you already have one, would you recommend it?  Do you use it as your primary or only computer?  What brand do you have, and what do you like or dislike about it?  Please share your thoughts with visitors to this site by entering them in the form below!

Are netbooks a fad or here to stay?

What do you think about netbooks? Are they a super useful and affordable mini computer, or just a cool gadget that will eventually fade away?

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Netbook Reviews

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