Love My Verizon Unlimited Text and Calling Plan

by geeky puppy
(phila pa)

I have Verizon Wireless Unlimited Text and Calling Plan and I love it. Before I switched to this plan, I had 900 minutes and 500 texts per month (with Verizon also). I ended up constantly worrying about whether I was over my minutes or texts, and would always overcompensate with one and end up going over with the other. So, about six months ago, I switched over to the unlimited texts and kept my 900 minutes when I got tired of paying for going over my allotted minutes or texts. The new plan costs me just over ten dollars more a month than my old plan (well, actually, twelve dollars after taxes and fees), and has saved me an average of twenty-five to thirty-five dollars a month in overage fees.

I chose this plan after I studied my last few bills and realized that for the most part, I was doing more and more texting, and that weekend and night minutes are free anyway, so adding unlimited texting was probably the most cost efficient plan I could switch to, and sure enough, it has been. The plan has kept me from accruing overage fees and has kept my cell phone budget right on target, allowing me to not worry about spending more money than planned on my monthly cell phone bill.

Having a set plan that I can budget for every month has made it easy to keep up with payments and not get behind with my bills. My plan averages about six dollars a month in Verizon surcharges (listed as the Federal Universal Service Charge, Regulatory Charge, an Administrative Charge and the State Gross Receipt Surcharge) and about five dollars a month in States Tax and 911 Surcharges. Nine hundred minutes a month is more than enough, when you add in the free weekend and night minutes and I love not having to worry about going over my texts, which allows me to communicate with friends and family easily without the stress of worrying about wasting money.

I am very happy with this plan, and would recommend it to others and have in fact, recommended it to friends and family to help them get their cell phone bills under control.

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Jan 07, 2011
Verizon Unlimited Plan
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Thank you for sharing your experience. From your post it sounds as though you opted for Verizon's postpaid unlimited plan (due to the reference to taxes and fees being added). Nonetheless, I approved the submission, because I think it really hits at the heart of the value of prepaid unlimited plans.

Even a prepaid wireless plan that's not unlimited helps to meet your major concern regarding not worrying about overages. With prepaid if you hit your allowance (of minutes or texts), you don't have to worry about large bills. You can just choose to add more as desired.

If you go a step further and get a prepaid unlimited plan, then you know exactly what your monthly spend will be, and NEVER have to worry about how much you're talking, or how many texts you're sending. There's certainly a massive peace of mind that goes along with that!

All-in-all, I've seen the value of prepaid unlimited plans continue to increase year after year, and typically surpass the value of postpaid unlimited plans (like the one it sounds like you have). If your contract is over, I recommend you consider switching to a prepaid unlimited plan, whether with Verizon or another provider ;-).

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