Yes, I Have Earned The Right To Have Free Cell Phone Service!

by Ken

In today's society, most people do need one, as long as you get it legally. I have paid in to that fund most of my life, and I live in a state-run institution for disabled veterans. Most of my SSD check goes to live here. I dont have a lot of money, and cannot afford to have a contract phone or put money on a minute phone every month. I believe that the people that are aginst this program are because they can't get one. So yes, I have earned the right to have a government cell phone.

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Nov 04, 2016
This Whole Concept Troubles Me NEW
by: Bruce

First it was a debate over whether low income households should get a phone. Now people are talking about needing a smartphone. If the purpose is to keep in touch with friends and family, job search, make appointments with doctors, etc., why do you need a smartphone? You NEED an app because it's convenient and you don't want to make a phone call?

Where does it stop? Soon you'll be requirement the most expensive smartphones, because you deserve the same performance and speed as everyone else. Then why not high speed cable? Why not a free car, or unlimited free Uber access? What's next?

We all pay taxes. Does that mean everything is owed to us for free? Why should anyone work then? We live in an entitled society, that's for sure!

Dec 26, 2012
I'm in trouble now....
by: Anonymous

Hey, at least you have a place to live! But I agree on your points. I can't pay my rent next month, so can't afford a phone OR to buy minutes every month! And I don't have a way to get to county assistance to even sign up for food stamps I'm eligible for... so I can't apply for a free phone!!

Aug 04, 2011
I agree on some of it
by: Ken

I understand your postion, but if I have paid into the fund why shouldt I get one based on my finical needs, I am just using a goverment program to make my life a little better.

Aug 04, 2011
I guess it's a matter of perspective
by: Jon

For me it's more a matter of whether having a cell phone is a basic human need/right, and I can't help but compare it to food and shelter. Making sure low income people have healthy food and a place to live is so so so important, but is having a phone important? I don't think so. What's next, access to television? Then cable TV? Internet? A tablet computer?

I assume there's access to a phone in the place you're living. Why do you need to have a cell phone? In fact, it may not be healthy to be carrying it with you, as you might get distracted while on a call, or trying to get it from your pocket when it rings, etc.

I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but I just think that we Americans expect too much. We think we have a right to everything. Some things are priviledges or optional luxuries.

Also, we all pay into funds that help support the society that we live in, as well as to help us when we're sick or retired. If even 50% (and probably less!) of people had the attitude that just because we pay into something that we deserve to get something out of it, the whole system would be bankrupt. In fact, it practically already is now. There are plenty of people getting social security who have more than enough money to live well without it.

Yes, being on the font lines in a country sponsored war can be dangerous, but we all contribute to supporting that by the taxes we pay while we're working. Even my working in a mail room at a company contributes to the war through taxes. And working as a painter painting the outside of high rise buildings or cleaning the outside of windows is extremely dangerous, so we all contribute or put ourselves in harms way to make a living. It's not just the soldiers. Injured soldiers should get special access to medical care of course, but why should having a cell phone be a right? Wouldn't those government funds be better spent giving someone a hot meal or shelter? Or going towards hospitals or education? I'm shocked at how many people feel that this is a good use of government funds.

If you knew that the money it costs for you to get a phone and free monthly minutes could be used to buy hundreds of meals for homeless people, would you still feel that it's your right to have one, and good use of government funds (ie. our tax dollars)?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be rude. I just think in the States we feel that we are owed everything, and I'm not convinced that a cell phone really is one of those things. Obviously you and others disagree....

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Animals Are Treated Better Than The Elderly

by GL Turner
(Salt Lake City UT)

Most people treat their animals better than the elderly and disabled. Of course those at a disadvantage should have a cell phone, providing they are Americans utilizing our tax dollars.

Someday we too will be elderly or unable to communicate without a phone. After all, have you checked lately to see what their income is that they paid into their entire lives, and how many that never paid a dime have access to our financial services.

Well try living on $800 a month when your rent is $650. You have no options for additional income. It's a hideous amount one has to pay for services that a lot of the time are not even rendered.

Greedy phone companies eat the change, so YES, they should be entitled. Only if they are AMERICAN citizens that have paid taxes.

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Jun 19, 2013
It's All About Planning NEW
by: Nathan

Yeah, to some extent what you say about how animals are treated compared to the elderly may actually be true! I think the bottom line is that people can't count on the government supporting them with social security. At this point everyone should know that SS is bankrupt, and even if we get the money we're owed, it's certainly not enough to maintain our pre-retirement income. People should know how much they'll receive and plan our lives accordingly; there's really no surprises here. We all get statements every year that tell us exactly what we can expect to get.

If I don't have enough money to maintain my lifestyle, that's my own fault. I should save more while I'm working, downsize if needed before retirement, spend less money on frivolous things, coffee, eating out, too much money on a car, gifts, etc. We Americans need to take responsibility for our own livelihood. If all we're counting on is SS, then it's expected that we'll basically be poor.

I suppose it's better for the government to fund free cell phone service than to give us that money directly, because more than likely we'd end up pissing it away somehow, and never end up spending it on the essential things we need. In other words, it's all about a general lack of responsibility. Just because we pay taxes, doesn't mean we're entitled to be fully taken care of when we retire. We need to be responsible to and for ourselves, and plan for the future while we're working. Taxes also go to supporting our schools, roads, etc. It's not sitting there waiting for us to retire and withdraw it. If you want that kind of setup, then open an investment account; even a small number of dollars per month over 20 or 30 years will be more helpful than SS.

People don't seem to understand that it's not hard to make sacrifices to save a few dollars a day. Saving 100 bucks a month for decades is so important and valuable. Please stop the mentality of entitlements, as that's what ultimately bankrupts societies. Work for what you need, and save for what you want, and stop expecting the government to take care of you!

Lastly, this doesn't have anything to do with greedy phone companies. They're providing a service that's funded by the government. They're in business to make money, which employs people. To that extent, I wish people would see their situation for what it is...our own responsibility. And if you can't afford your rent, try getting a roommate.

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