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Many of us have cell phone complaints that just continue to irk us, and we're not always sure how to resolve our issues.  Or we just want to vent to someone who can appreciate our pain!  Postpaid wireless customers, unfortunately,Customer Complaints are typically stuck with their wireless carriers until their contract expires (assuming they don't want to pay the ETF (Early Termination Fee).  Prepaid wireless customers, on the other hand, can basically leave at any time.  But we have to keep in mind that even with prepaid, you've paid money for your phone, and often times because there are no, or minimal Subsidies on the phone, you've paid really good money for your phone!  Given that most prepaid carriers now have phone financing or leasing programs, we may not be able to swap phones to a different carrier until we pay off the term of the loan/lease.  That said, it is certainly much easier in general for prepaid wireless customers to run for the hills when we have complaints.

If you haven't already read the discussion about Cell Phone Problems, feel free to jump over there now.  This page is dedicated to sharing your cell phone complaints with other visitors to this site.  It will be published as its own Web page where people can share their comments on your story.  This is a great way for you to be heard, and for others to learn from your experiences.  That way they can either go into a new wireless carrier better armed with a full understanding of the product and service, or determine that they should avoid that prepaid wireless carrier altogether.

While we definitely want to hear the gory details and understand your frustrations, and even anger(!), please keep it respectful and clean.  As was discussed on the Cell Phone Problems page, clear, articulate, and detailed information always goes a long way to ultimately getting your issues resolved.  And you can even point your prepaid provider to your posting on this site to help gain their attention.  But if your language is found to be crude or inappropriate, it won't be posted, and comments will be deleted.  Sorry, but this is the best way to ensure that this site is respected by visitors as an honest, and meaningful place to learn about people's trials and tribulations with prepaid wireless.  Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences; it is much appreciated!

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Cell Phone Complaints!

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Cell Phone Complaints

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