Be Careful Who You Trust

by Lisa

I was arrested in April 2012 for the crime of larceny. The warrant was from a different state than the one in which I currently live in so I was also listed as a fugitive of justice. I didn't have any idea what was happening, but I spent days in jail until I could bond out.

When I went to the hearing on the charges, the case was dismissed because my face didn't match the face on the Nevada ID that the other jurisdiction had in their possession. The name, the birth date on the ID and the height was the same as mine.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I had never filled out on application for any kind of driver's license or ID card in the state of Nevada. Obviously there was one. I started digging around and I after some research and going back into my past, I figured out who's face is on that Nevada ID card. I tried to report it to law enforcement, but no one wants to listen.

I was angry at first, but now, not so much. I did my homework and have figured everything out. I have over 600 pages of research and documentation of other crimes that were committed by the same group of people that used my identity.

If anyone reads this my advice to you is to be careful about who you keep company with.

There are many reports on identity theft out now that state a good majority of it happens by people you know and that is what happened to me. Please be careful in terms of who you trust, it could backfire on you.

People whom I trusted, loved and cared about stole my identity, used it to commit 6 different felonies and got away with it...please be careful...I would hate to see what happened to me happen to anyone else.

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