Alternative ways to boost sales for the prepaid dealer

by Tony Kwofi

Hi. Apart from hanging prepaid cards at shops for people to call in to buy, or selling vouchers online, are there other very efficient ways to boost sales?

I'm asking from Ghana, West Africa, and the common method here is to hang cards and wait for buyers. Online selling is not effective as many people do not have 24/7 access to internet. For me as a dealer, I have a long list of customers mainly working in offices from 9-5pm. They call or text for credits, they specify the amount they want, and I text the PIN back to them. My sales reps, using scooters, go around to collect the monies before 5pm or early the next morning. This has relatively boosted sales, but I need to know what other, better, practices exist especially internationally.

Would appreciate any information or knowledge you could share.

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Mar 07, 2011
Prepaid wireless topup options for dealers
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Hanging topup cards/vouchers is definitely a very common way to merchandize prepaid wireless products. ePINs are also very common, and are considered a more efficient way to deliver topup due to less inventory management issues. Major retailers do it via their terminals, however, texting as you do it is also becoming more popular for smaller locations.

I think that at the heart of your question though is how to increase sales. For payments, it’s a lot about customers knowing that your stores carry vouchers/topup for their wireless provider. In other words, it largely comes down to marketing. If carriers that you support have topup locators on their phones and/or Website, you’ll definitely want to do your best to get on there. However, unfortunately, often only larger retailers get listed. If you do use ePINs in store, you’ll still need dummy cards and/or posters to merchandize to ensure that customers know you offer the wireless vouchers that they need. I agree with you that online sales for prepaid wireless topup are generally not very strong.

The only other thing that comes to mind is Real Time Replenishment (RTR). This technology allows customers to add any dollar amount within a specified range (ex. $5 to $100). Research and experience has shown that on average customers will spend more when they can add any amount they want (rather than have to choose from a limited selection of preset vouchers). For example, they’ll add an extra dollar or two that they have in their wallet at the time. This translates into more revenue for you assuming you get paid based on the amount of the payment/topup (i.e. margin based compensation).

You can read more about different payment types/technologies by visiting the Adding Money section.

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