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So you're looking for free broadband Internet access?  Join the club!  There's been a lot of discussion over the years regarding broadband Internet being a basic human need in modern society.  Arguments that public libraries offer free high speed Internet only meets with resistance.  Many people feel that having mobile broadband has become a basic human right.  This point can surely be debated, and certainly becomes very controversial.

As this site gets a tremendous volume of visitors looking for No Contract Wireless Internet, it only makes sense for me to include information about how to get free mobile broadband, right?!  There's a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to information about getting a free cell phone and service for qualifying households.  So it fits nicely into the general spirit of informing visitors to this site of all available options to discuss free broadband as well.  Also, unlike the free wireless phone service programs, the free broadband Internet access programs that have emerged are not government subsidized programs.  They are completely new business models that seek to gain people's share of mind.  Let's take a look at how they work, and summarizes their offerings!

While I update every page of this site week to week, month to month, and year over year to ensure that the content is fresh, up-to-date, and relevant, one point related to this page that will never need to change is the fact that a new company called FreedomPop was the first business in the United States to announcea new disruptive business model offering free 4G broadband Internet!  And it's not just a free trial period.

So How Is Free Wireless Internet Possible?
The concept is actually quite simple.  At launch they will provide 1GB of 4G mobile broadband access for free each month.  At the time of launch 1GB will actually be a reasonable amount of data for the average email and Internet user.  Of course, if you stream videos from YouTube or watch NetFlix regularly, that won't be enough, but it certainly could be considered respectable to say the least.  So how can a company with this model make money and stay in business?  What they do is sell usage above the 1GB of free access.  If they sell it at reasonable, or at least competitive prices, the theory is that they can get enough paying customers to support the free portion of the service.

Also, by using MiFi Mobile Hotspot modems, they keep the WiFi access available for anyone to connect to.  What this means is that if you're using your FreedomPop free broadband Internet access in a public place (ex. a coffee shop), others will be able to connect to it.  They can then sign up for free access (i.e. get their own modem).  If they do, FreedomPop will give you additional free Internet access for the referral.  Consider that if enough of those people then go ahead and end up purchasing additional access after their free service is used up, and they in turn share their connection with others, the viral nature could result in a sufficiently large customer base to build a profitable business.

Is Free Broadband Internet Access A Scam?
Absolutely not!  Will the business model work?  Only time will tell.  I expect that FreedomPop has built a lot of business models that show the minimum paying subscribership that they need to be profitable.  I also expect that its investors are taking a calculated risk.  If their base grows very large, the company could end up selling to a larger carrier who wants those customers.  In other words, if it works really well, the founders and investors could end up being very wealthy!  It's interesting to note that Skype's co-founder, Niklas Zennstrom, is behind this new company, so he's no stranger to turning free services into thriving and profitable businesses.

Are There Other Free Broadband Internet Access Providers?
What's interesting about FreedomPop is that this is their only business.  It's do or die for them, so you can expect very careful management of their offers and programs.  On the other hand, NetZero announced that it is providing free mobile broadband service as well.  The big difference with them is that their company has been around for decades.  That could either help them tremendously, or hurt them if they don't provide sufficient resources and focus on building out this new business.

Note, also, that NetZero is taking a different approach in terms of their offer.  They are providing one year of free service for a lower speed connection (1-Megabit), which will be fast enough for email and Internet, but not fast enough for streaming video or gaming.  You'll be required to buy a modem, and if you want the faster 10-Megabit speed you'll need to pay for a monthly plan (i.e. only the slower speed is free).  This is more of a trial period type of offer, and a very different and far less risky business model.  If people like the service, it's very likely that you'll buy a plan well before the year is up.  Lastly, note that neither company is using an ad-supported model, which NetZero is famous for in the late 90s; it required users to watch ads in order to get the free service.

The following table provides a general overview comparing the available free broadband Internet access services.  Clicking on the provider's logos will take you directly to the company's website to review the details of their offers to see if any of them meet your needs!

Provider Free Offer Modems Speed Notes

FreedomPop Free Mobile Broadband

500MB/month MiFi Hotspot 4G
  • Free service is not backwards compatible with 3G
  • Extra data = $0.02/MB
  • Speed is restricted compared to available paid plans
  • 4G/3G plans available: $4.66 for 500MB, $16.66 for 2GB, $29.99 for 4GB, etc.
  • Additional data can be earned for free by referring friends or doing surveys
  • Also offer Free Cell Phone Service; check it out on the Monthly Plans Chart or go directly to their site: FreedomPop.
NetZero Free Mobile Broadband 200MB/month USB

MiFi Hotpsot
  • The free service is limited to 1-Mbit/sec speeds (compared to 10-Mbit for paid service); i.e. It's NOT 4G!
  • If you change to a paid plan with the first year, you cannot return to the free plan.

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Free Broadband Internet Access

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