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Are you excited about mobile hotspots and researching what are the best MiFi plans without a contract (i.e.prepaid)?  Well, there's nothing but good news for you, as there are a ton of great options now available.  When I first started this page (many years ago!), there were only a couple of offers on the market.  Now there are so many that I recently reorganized the information to make it easier to view all of the information!
Netgear Mobile Hotspot
In fact, initially there weren't any prepaid Mi-Fi offers that could be classified as traditional prepaid offerings.  You had to basically buy a Sprint or Verizon MiFi hotspot modem at full price with a month-to-month plan.  In other words, no prepaid broadband providers offered MiFi devices, leaving you still receiving a bill from Verizon or Sprint!  Though with the month-to-month benefit, much like other prepaid broadband offerings, you'll pay more for the hardware/modem than you would have to if you signed a one or two year contract.

Fortunately, early 2010 was a sort of prepaid broadband revolution, if you will, that resulted in the major providers (ex. AT&T and Verizon) to begin offering prepaid wireless broadband plans.  Theyentered the no contract market due to the incredible demand as customers continued to shift from postpaid contracts to prepaid, no contract broadband Internet plans.  Fortunately Verizon had a postpaid MiFi modem that they were able to offer on a no contract basis.  So although the options were limited in terms of evaluating the best MiFi plans, I was confident that our options would continue to increase, and they did!  In fact, there are new plans, as well as completely new providers entering the market all the time.

The table below gives you the details of the current MiFi hotspot offerings across the U.S.  If you haven't already done so, feel free check out the MiFi Background page to learn more about how this exciting mobile hotspot technology works, and its numerous benefits.  You can then come back to compare the best MiFi plans to meet you personal needs.

I constantly monitor the news, so rest assured that when other prepaid MiFi plans become available, I will update this table within a matter of days (usually hours!), so you can always compare the best MiFi plans available in the market.  If you want to keep in touch so you know when this page has been updated, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, or you can signup for the Free Prepaid Wireless Tracker, which includes what's new on this site, as well as wireless news; it's sent out monthly.

Updated: 8/16/16
Provider Plans Notes
AT&T MiFi Broadband
$5 - 1 day (250MB)
$25 - 90 days (1GB)
$50 - 30 days (5GB)

Auto Renew Plans:
$15 - 30 days (250MB)
$30 - 30 days (3GB)

Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile Hotspot Plans
$25 - 30 days (1.5GB)
$50 - 30 days (10GB)
Can connect up to 10 devices.
10 hour battery life.
DataJack Prepaid Broadband
$5/month (100MB+$0.029/MB)
$10/month (250MB)
$30/month (2GB)
$50/month (5GB)
$10 deposit required at signment from which to deduct monthly payment.
FreedomPop Free Mobile Broadband
$0 - 500MB (30 days)
$4 - 500MB (30 days)
$20 - 2GB (30 days)
Karma Pay As You Go Broadband
$40 - 5GB (30 days)
$75 - 10GB (30 days)
$140 - 20GB (30 days)
$150 - 50GB (30 days)

Additional Data = $15/GB
$1 credit for every guest that connects to your hotspot.

100MB for every guest that connects to your hotspot.
Uses Sprint 4G LTE network.
Hele by Mobi PCS
Mobi Prepaid Broadband
$20 - 1GB (30 days)
$30 - 2GB (30 days)
$40 - 4GB (30 days)
$60 - 6GB (30 days)
Available in Oahu, Maui, Big Island only.
Millenicom 4G Hotspot
$90 - 20GB (30 days) Sold its customers to Verison in 2014; no longer a relevant brand for prepaid Internet.

Uses Verizon 4G LTE network.

Early Bird Special - 10GB 4G + 10GB 3G for $69.99

Read my interview with Dennis Castle, Millenicom CEO & Owner!
NetZero No Contract 4G Broadband
$0 - 200MB (30 days)
$10 - 500MB (30 days)
$20 - 1GB (30 days)
$35 - 2GB (30 days)
$50 - 4GB (30 days)
$80 - 6GB (30 days)
Uses Sprint 4G LTE network.
$2.95 monthly access fee except for the free plan.
Ready Mobile
Ready Mobile Prepaid Broadband
$10 - 500MB (30 days)
$25 - 1.5GB (30 days)
$45 - 3GB (30 days)

Uses Sprint 4G LTE network.
$0.10/MB overage cost.

Read my latest interview with Fred Haumesser, Ready Mobile Co-Founder & EVP
Red Pocket
Red Pocket 4G Mobile Internet
$25 - 2GB (30 days)
$50 - 5GB (30 days)
  • Exclusively a  BYOD provider; buy a SIM card for your unlocked compatible modem, then purchase a plan.
Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile No Contract 4G Broadband
$20 - 1.5GB (30 days)
$40 - 4GB (30 days)
  • Exclusively a BYOD provider; buy a SIM card for your unlocked compatible modem, then purchae a plan.
Straight Talk

Straight Talk WiFi Mobile Hotspot
$15 - 30 days (1GB)
$25 - 30 days (2GB)
$40 - 60 days (4GB)
$50 - 60 days (5GB)
$75 - 60 days (7GB)
  • Uses Verizon 4G LTE network.
  • Available only at Walmart.
T-Mobile Prepaid Broadband
$5 - 500MB (1 day)
$10 - 1GB (7 days)
$30 - 3GB (30 days)

Auto Renew Plans:
$20 - 2GB (30 days)

$35 - 6GB (30 days)
$50 - 10GB (30 days)
$65 - 14GB (30 days)
$80 - 18GB (30 days)
$95 - 22GB (30 days)
  • 2GB plan includes Binge On, which allows you to watch 6GB of video with your high speed data.
  • 6GB+ plans include unlimited Binge On video streaming.
TruConnect Mobile Prepaid Broadband
$5 - 200MB (30 days)
$10 - 500MB (30 days)
$15 - 1GB (30 days)
$30 - 2GB (30 days)
$40 - 3GB (30 days)
  • Some plans include 1 month free trial.
  • Extra data refills can be added; extra data is used before plan data bucket.
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Read my interview with Kevin Hamilton, TruConnect President & CEO!
Verizon Wireless
Verizon MiFi
$15 - 7 days (500MB)
$20 - 30 days (1GB)
$35 - 60 days (2GB)
$60 - 60 days (5GB)
$100 - 60 days (10GB)
Virgin Mobile MiFi
$5 - 250MB (1 day)
$25 - 1.5GB (30 days)
$55 - 6GB (30 days)
Discontinued; plans still available for existing Broadband2Go customers.

Best MiFi Plans

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