How To Use A Smartphone On Assurance Wireless

by KJB

A number of people want to use a smartphone they already own on a prepaid wireless service such as Assurance. While Assurance refuses to allow smartphones in their program the fact that they use Virgin Mobile's service (which uses Sprint) indicates that the capability is certainly there. Essentially, the process is that a phone that is approved for the prepaid system you want to use becomes a "donor", transferring the serial number and various settings from that phone to the one you want to use. As far as the prepaid service is concerned, you're using an approved phone.

Something I need to make perfectly clear: IN NO WAY IS THIS CHEATING THE PREPAID SERVICE OR USING INFORMATION TO OBTAIN SERVICES THAT ARE NOT PAID FOR. If you are on the Assurance 250 min / 250 text monthly plan, that's still what you'll have on your newly re-programmed phone. Anything over that will still cost the same as it would if you were still using the JAX or any other phone on the service. If you want more data access, you pay for it when you would normally use a top-up purchase.

This just allows you to use a perfectly good phone you already own on a service that should be open to it anyway.

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll share what I know.

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Dec 06, 2016
smartphone are convenient we all should have one NEW
by: Anonymous

michael did not make a good point the fact is some
have a smartphone some don,t that,s not fair!
when we,re being faithful and loyal user of this
service are not given the right to upgrade our
phones sure they give us more mins but not a
good phone to enjoy the service! that,s not fair!
we should have the right to upgrade and not be
stuck with a bad phone and not able to enjoy
the service better and see the texts better!
the fact is this if they can afford to give mew
cutstomers a smartphone they can give their
faithful and loyal user smartphone too that,s
the fair and right thing to do why should they
only enjoy the convenients of a smartphone!
be fair and let all users this service have
smartphone this holiday season!

Dec 06, 2016
With All Due Respect... NEW
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

...None of us know the underlying business metrics behind such a conversion to provide all existing customers with smartphones. Michael makes a great point, which is certainly part of it. There are other factors around sourcing, warranty, repair, support, etc.

Even for paid programs (wireless or not), there are often new and better deals to attract new customers. Yes, it can be upsetting and frustrating, however, they need new customers to grow, and offer marketing incentives.

Sometimes customers can complain to companies (in general), and get offers as existing customers. I know I have to call my cable company every year to reduce my bill as they always increase it, but have much better pricing for new customers. They'll usually have programs to offer existing customers an incentive to stay, but often not without a fight.

I've been in meetings where teams have discussed whether to give new pricing (for a new wireless plan) to existing customers or only to new customers. It's often a decision whether to automatically migrate everyone to the new plan, or require customers to proactively request it.

There's a cost to have customers call in with questions, concerns, to just make the change, and even to continue supporting the old plan, however, the cost to provide it automatically is often much greater. Many customers simply won't know about the new plan, or not bother to call in; this saves the company a lot of money. These costs vs. customer experience factors are weighed to make a final decision.

You should consider changing providers to become of of THEIR new customers if Assurance won't oblige!

(Site note: Please stop writing all your notes in ALL CAPS. It takes me a lot of time to go in an fix that. Thank you!)

Dec 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

What are you thinking? We faithful and loyal users of Assurance Wireless have a right to have the phones we want, not the ones they give us if they want us to keep using the service!

We're the customers. We have rights, and no matter the cost. The customers is always right, not you! Because some can have a smartphone some some can't, what are you thinking? That's so unfair when they have the tech to make these compatible, and they make a lot of money. They also allow Virgin Mobile payLo phones to this service. It's a no brainer!

If they can allow it in Cali and they allow new
Customers to have smartphones, we all should have a smartphone.

They can afford to do this from the money they get from the gov for this program!

Dec 02, 2016
Why not give old customers a smartphone? Because...
by: Michael

It is partially a matter of cost. Cellphones cost about $10 and Smartphones about $70. The Feds and the State pay Assurance for Internet service and a smartphone for each NEW customer. They only pay for the service for OLD customers. They don't pay for an upgrade to a smartphone. Assurance would have to pay that $70 on their own to give you a smartphone. If they did that for all their OLD customers it would cost them millions. They would rather lose you as a customer.

The only way to get a smartphone is to become a NEW customer at a competitor. And Assurance smartphones are junk, they are locked (they can only be used on Assurance) and they don't have SIMs. With a SIM you can upgrade your smartphone to a better one.

Why fight it. Switching is easy. You don't have to reapply for Lifeline. The competitor does all the work. The competitor may even transfer your Assurance telephone number but that isn't guaranteed.

Dec 02, 2016
How is it that new customers can get a smartphone and we can't?
by: Anonymous

Why is it that new customers are allow to get a smartphone, while we loyal and faithful customers can't get one!

I see one these workers who work for Assurance Wireless in NY giving new customers new smartphones, and when I, a loyal and faithful customer of many years, tried to get an upgrade they said no.

Dec 01, 2016
Smartphone on Assurance
by: Michael

What many of you don't realize is that Assurance isn't being mean, they are a business being paid by the Federal Government and each state to offer Lifeline services.

They provide smartphone in California because California has millions of Assurance customers and made a special deal with Assurance. They are paying Assurance a higher fee for the smartphones and the internet service. A dumb phone cost Assurance about $10 and a smartphone cost them about $70.

Congress passed a law a few years ago requiring vendors to use SIMs in their phones. But that law had some loop holes in it allowing vendors, like Assurance and Verizon, time to complete this transition. But Assurance may never complete the transition.

Your best option today, is to drop Assurance and go to one of their Lifeline competitors. That transition is easy and their competitors will do the work for you.

Nov 30, 2016
Response re. Customer With Arthritis
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Your options are:

- Call Assurance to request a new feature phone (with buttons).

- If you're in CA, you can request a smartphone.

- You can find an old (but doesn't have to be used) Virgin payLo phone that you like, and call
Assurance to see if they'll still activate it for you.

- Now that Assurance is being combined with Access Wireless, you can purchase a smartphone upgrade from the Access website.

Side note: Thank you to Michael for your detailed and thoughtful response to Dana!

Nov 29, 2016
Bring Your Own Smartphone for North Carolina
by: Michael

I did a Google search for Dana who requested a Lifeline plan supporting a smartphone in North Carolina. The Google search yielded 3 vendors providing wireless support in her state. The best was SafeLink Wireless. Here is the plan I recommend:


- 350 Minutes For Local and Long Distance Calls
- 1GB of Data for 3 months.
- After 3 months, 500MB of data each month.
- Unlimited Nationwide Text Messaging
- Roaming at No Additional Cost
- Free 911 even Without Minutes†
- Voicemail / Caller ID / Call Waiting
- Data & Minutes Do Not Carry Over if not used

Enter Zip Code to begin your enrollment process!

Not all zip codes in North Carolina are supported. Similar plans may be available in your state.

Bring your own phone means that SafeLink supports SIMs. SafeLink, like Assurance, is not a cell phone carrier. SafeLink leases access from the major cell phone carriers including: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint.

I recommend the Motorola MotoPlay or MotoG4 since they are unlocked and a vendor contract is not required. Prices vary from $100 for the MotoPlay to $230 for the 32GB MotoG4 to $300 for the 64GB MotoG4 Plus. The MotoPlay has a 5 inch screen and the MotoG4 has a 5.5 inch screen. A good compromise is the 32GB MotoG4, which sells from $180 to $220.

You can buy it at Costco, Best Buy, Amazon, etc and there will be many special promotions as we approach Christmas.

You can buy the 32GB MotoG4 on Amazon which has two interesting promotions. If you buy a Prime Membership for $100 they will give you a $50 gift card. You can then buy the 32GB MotoG4 for $50 less than Costco. In other words, a free Prime Membership. The Prime Membership has many benefits that you can look up on Amazon including free 2 day shipping on any size order.

The other Amazon promotion may no longer be offered since I don't see a price difference with or without it. You may get a further discount if you allow Amazon to put an ad on your lock screen. Most users don't care since it doesn't affect their home screens.

Nov 29, 2016
Does Assurance currently only offer keypad phones as free?
by: Anonymous

Just wondering if since Assurance gives unlimited text on their govt program, if the only phone they have available are the 2 tiny keypad Kyocera phones? The question I have isn't so much about using a smartphone, but at least a touch screen for the text part. Arthritic fingers make pressing the tiny buttons 16 times to get 1 letter from a number on the keypad a bit challenging.

If they don't have any that they send free, is there an option to replace this original one I have had that the buttons don't function on anymore since it's still the first one they had given me? Could I just buy an upgrade touch screen as a replacement to switch that plan to? Or do they limit you to the option of one of the 2 tiny push button phones?

Nov 29, 2016
Dear Mitch
by: Dana

I live in NC.

Nov 29, 2016
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

...Assurance isn't going to tell anyone when they plan to open up their program to smartphones or BYOD. No doubt many people within their own company don't even know the details.

Mich brought back a good point; there are other options, and nothing stopping people from changing to another one that meets their needs (i.e. smartphones/BYOD). You just need to lookup what's available in your particular state. Let me know if you've had a chance to do that. Cheers.

Nov 28, 2016
Other Lifeline Companies
by: Mich

Other Lifeline companies allow you to use your own phone. Assurance doesn't because their phones don't use SIMs. Let me know the State you live in and I will check alternatives Lifeline suppliers in your State.

You sign up for Lifeline from that vendor, get a free smartphone, remove the SIM and put it in the smartphone of your choice. It's that simple.

Nov 28, 2016
Response to PrepaidWirelessGuy
by: Anonymous

How long must we wait? We're faithful users of the service. We should not have to wait. We should have the right to pick our own phones!

Stop saying the wait is on. Nobody wants to hear that. They want hear when it will happen. So talk to someone at Assurance Wireless and tell them we have the need, and want the Bring Your Own
Device program.

Nov 28, 2016
Regarding Missing Minutes
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations and issues! Unfortunately, you will need to call them to find out what's going on with your specific account. I see no mention of minutes rolling each month. It's possible that there was a mistake when converting your account from Assurance.

Regarding the greater cost of adding minutes, you may find that you don't need them as often, because you'll be getting more monthly minutes with Assurance. Hopefully over time they'll decrease the cost of adding minutes though.

They have an FAQ about the conversion that you can review at:

Nov 28, 2016
My Mistake!
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Please accept my apologies! I was answering similar questions on different threads, and mistakenly said that Access allows BYOD. It's actually SafeLink that offers BYOD. Access Wireless allows you to purchase some smartphones from their website, but has no mention of BYOD.

So sorry for the confusion. The wait for BYOD on Access continues!

Nov 26, 2016
Response to PrepaidWirelessGuy
by: Anonymous

You said that Assurance Wireless that's part of
Access Wireless has a Bring Your Own Device program. Where is it?! I looked on their website, and I can't find it.

Bring Your Own Device Program is a great idea and suggestion! If they can do it in Cali, they can do it anywhere they have Assurance Wireless that's part of Access Wireless. That's the right and fair thing to for the faithful ones who still
have and enjoy the service right now! SafeLink and Ring Plus has the Bring Your Own Device program.

Nov 26, 2016
Missing Minutes
by: Andrea

I had to purchase extra minutes last month. I thought I was going to run out! When I got my new minutes from Access last week [11/21/16], I was surprised to see my leftover minutes rolled over plus I got 500 free minutes for a total of 791.

Now, I see my balance is 447. That would mean I used well over 5 hours already in just 5 days?????? No way!!! Nowhere close! If my rolled-over minutes were deducted later, it would mean I used 53 minutes, which is hard to believe 'cause I made one important phone call that lasted 49 minutes, plus a few that lasted 3-10 more!

I'm not understanding what's going on & hate having to call & talk to a middle-easterner that you can't understand & very few know their job! Either way, these minutes are not right! AND unless their site needs to be updated, I see if I need extra minutes, it's going to cost $10 for 200 min. Assurance charged $5 for 250 min! I am confused!

Nov 24, 2016
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

As I'm sure you can see from the discussion below, this is a very popular topic! Assurance has been doing a trial with smartphones in California. I have heard no news regarding expansion of that program.

That said, now that Assurance is part of Access, they're available. You can either purchase from the Access website, or you can check to see if the smartphone you have (or want to get/use) will work by using their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) check on their website.

Is this answer straightforward enough for you? ;-) All the best, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2016
phone upgrade?
by: Anonymous

I'm curious... as an Assurance wireless customer with a crappy paylo flip phone....if Assurance/Access Wireless has decided yet if touch screen phones(smartphones like Motorola, Androids, etc. are available to use with this lifeline service?
No one gives me a straight answer when I ask them this and hopefully I can find my answer here?

Nov 21, 2016
Upgrading From Razor 2
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Yes, when they're referring to smartphones, they're talking about Android phones, as they don't currently sell iPhones.

In terms of getting one for less than $60, you're best bet is to check Amazon, eBay, and even Gazelle. You can find a link to their site from here:

Phone Recycling

In addition to recycling phones, they also sell refurbished phones at a great value. You can link over to their site by clicking on their logo in the table.

Best of luck, and let me know what you end up getting!

Nov 21, 2016
Access & Smartphones
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

If I understand your question correctly, it sounds like they converted your service plan from Assurance to Access, however, they say that you can't get a smartphone in your area yet.

I know that Assurance was in trial with smartphones in California. Access looks like it offers smartphones as part of its standard service. What happens if you try to order a smartphone through the Access website? Or is the agent telling you that they can't activate it for use in your area?

Nov 18, 2016
The Smartphone Issue
by: Virgin mobile/assurances user

I have the razor two. It works. I don't see why everyone thinks that the big word "Smartphone" is what you need. It's what you want more or less. But I would just like to upgrade to an Android phone. Are the smartphones the same as the Android?

I don't need data as I have my Kindle Fire if I want to go on the Internet @ home or when I'm out.

I just want to know which ones now that it's not Assurances Wireless anymore and it's Access Wireless. They only gave me three expensive ones: ZTE Flash, Copland Quattro, & ZTE force. All over $59.99. So if anyone has one of these cheaper, or knows what store carries them I'm in Michigan. Thank you.

Nov 18, 2016
Now Access Wireless Just Took Over
by: Virgin mobile/assurances user

Well, I just got my minutes situated a few days ago. I read a text that said the Access Wireless network will be taking over Assurances Wireless in October.

I checked my minutes yesterday and it gave me more; instead of 250 I have 719. Sweet, but when I asked the live adviser about the smartphone they said it's not in my area yet. Well Access has 3 smartphones, but wonder if I can't get that change. I got a Samsung Razor 2 and would like to change to something easier to see.

I'm on a Kindle fire and it's great big letters etc. Don't need an expensive one just under $50 or less would work for me. The razor is the 2nd one I've had thru Assurances Wireless. I have seen a lot of people who probably spend their whole paycheck or goto rent centers to buy their phones.

I love my phone service I've had Virgin mobile for years, and when Assurances Wireless Lifeline came up I took it. My phone because it has Sprint as the carrier I have better service than my boyfriend's; he has TracFone.

But if you can answer my question it would be great, and thank you for having this webpage to voice our concerns.

Nov 01, 2016
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Michael - Great suggestion! There are so many Lifeline providers now that customers should consider using one that allows an unlocked phone to used. I haven't been able to find any dealers that actually currently support this process; it's simply too complicated to do at this point.

Regarding delayed text messaging. I don't know whether you're using Assurance or another provider, however, if you flashed a phone to use on Assurance, there could be an issue with how the phone is being registered on the network, which is preventing it from sending/receiving texts, or causing delay issues.

It would make more sense if it doesn't work at all. Delays are usually a network issue and not a phone issue. The only thing you can really do is to remove the battery, and hope that when you re-insert and re-start the phone that it registers correctly. Otherwise, you're really stuck taking it back to the place that flashed it for you. However, they're likely to tell you that they can't guarantee that all services will work correctly on a flashed phone.

I used to have a flashed phone for use on Cricket (the old CDMA Cricket). MMS (i.e. picture messaging) never worked. That was a known issue that I accepted at the time.

Good luck, and please do let us know what happens!

Oct 29, 2016
New Phone on Assurance
by: Michael

New customers can get a new smartphone on Assurance wireless. If you are in a city that provides this service, you might find a table set up in a store (like a 99 cents store) that does this. You just go to this table, fill out a few pages, and take your smartphone.

However, if you already have a dumb phone received directly from Assurance and lose it, the situation changes.

Assurance will give you one free dumb phone per year if you lose or damage yours. However, smartphones are more expensive and it is unlikely that they will replace your phone for a smartphone for free.

My recommendation is to drop Assurance and find another Lifeline carrier. Do a Google search for (Lifeline carriers for your state).

Most carriers have virtually identical plans to Assurance and many supply better smartphones and smartphone networks.

For example, I selected Life Wireless. They support my state. They use the AT&T network. Their smartphones use SIM chips. The SIM has your phone number on it and other information from Life Wireless. If you want to buy a better smartphone, buy an "unlocked smartphone" which supports severals carriers. Then remove the back of the smartphone, the battery, and the SIM. Put the SIM in the new phone and it will work immediately. It is not necessary to contact Life Wireless or to flash the ROM.

Oct 29, 2016
how can i switch phones now
by: Anonymous

I would love to know how to switch phones right now cause I have a phone that I really like and just wondering how to get this started.

Oct 15, 2016
Text Delays
by: Anonymous

My phone's texts don't go through very well. They either take a few minutes, or don't go through at all. Is there anything that can be done? This was after the phone was flashed.

Oct 13, 2016
Please Elaborate
by: Sketchytboi

How exactly can I use my smartphone with assurance wireless service? I reported my phone as lost and stolen reason late, and I've been trying to get a replacement phone. After reading the current post on this site I am still a bit clueless as to how I can go about doing this. Meaning can someone please explain in detail if possible, how can get I change my phone over?

Oct 06, 2016
Transferring Serial Number
by: Anonymous

How do you transfer the serial to make your phone a donor phone so you can use it?

Sep 30, 2016
Consider These Factors
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I think it's pretty obvious that all Lifeline programs will ultimately have smartphones available. Here's some factors that people should keep in mind that may be slowing things down:

- Smartphones are more expensive, and will overall increase the cost of these programs.

- Smartphones have a higher support cost due to their complexity. For example, calls related to how to setup email and other apps, apps not working, causing the phone to freeze, calls about getting OS upgrades, calls about issues after OS upgrades, some apps not working on certain OS versions, etc.

- Higher costs due to replacements as smartphones are more breakage prone (drops, water damage).

- Higher program cost from increased data usage.

I'm sure you think of other additional factors that requires a LOT of thought and work to support smartphones on free cell phone programs, including the need for trials.

As I noted this will will; it's only a matter of time. Some providers are already offering the option to purchase a smartphone at relatively reasonable prices. Note, however, that this doesn't solve all of the support costs I noted.

Sep 30, 2016
Response to the Reason Why
by: Anonymous

Ring Plus lets you use Samsung smartphones. Why can't Assurance Wireless? They have the tech to do it in Cali. Why not everywhere else? That's the right and fair thing to do! Why is the law is so different in Cali so they can have smartphones, and not elsewhere? That's not fair!

We have the right to have the joy of having a smartphone. That's the right thing to do!

Sep 26, 2016
Flashing Service
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

See the link on July 28 for a 3rd party flashing service that you can reach out to.

Sep 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

I've been reading through most of the comments but can't find how exactly to use a 3rd party flashers on a phone. I have one of my old iPhones still and I'd like to give it to my mother to use but they told me she can't use it. She has the original Kyocera and it sucks. The numbers are too small for her and she can't even read most of her texts.

Sep 13, 2016
Free Minutes and Data!
by: Anonymous

If you are looking to wise up your life with a smartphone, try RING PLUS. It runs on the Sprint network, and they have plans that run from free to paid.

I used my older Virgin Mobile prepaid Samsung Galaxy ring and had service within minutes of filling out the online form, which is as basic as basic can be. No credit card, no address, you don't even need your real name.

This phone doesn't have an SIM card that is accessible, so I don't have texting at this point, but I'm sure if I called Virgin to get me an ICCID (basically the SIM card number) I would!

Try it. I get great data coverage through my WiFi, and use the Sprint cellular network while I'm out, so I can still make calls while away from my home WiFi, unlike Google voice, messsenger, etc. Plus you can't beat free and pretty good customer support as well!

NOTE: This won't work on AT&T or Verizon phones even if they are unlocked!!

Sep 01, 2016
Samsung phone
by: William A

To Aug 17 Anonymous. I have a Samsung phone with the keyboard. I can do videos with it.

Sep 01, 2016
Response to Susie
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

TracFone and Safelink are completely different from Assurance and Sprint/Virgin. TracFone is generally a lot more flexible in terms of what phones can be used, and apparently porting that phone to a Safelink account appears feasible.

For Assurance, if it's even possible, you'll need to go thru a 3rd party flashing service (see below) as it's not officially supported by Sprint/Virgin.

Aug 30, 2016
The Reason Why
by: Anonymous

The reason why Cali has smartphones is because they have different laws. I work for a.w.; Cali is a whole different animal.

Aug 24, 2016
How's It Complicated To Have Smartphone On Assurance Wireless?
by: Anonymous

Explain to everyone who has Assurance Wireless why
It's complicated to allow smartphones? When they have it in Cali and elsewhere.

Tell us when we can upgrade our phone when we want,
and pick out our own phones when we want. That's
the right thing to do! When's the date it will
happen? It's the fair and right thing to do for
us to make us feel like grown ups and not kids!

For everyone on Assurance Wireless, may we all have the right to have smartphones or pick out own phone, so we can enjoy the service better!

Aug 19, 2016
How Do I Do This?
by: Susie

OK, see if you can walk me through this:
1) I'm currently on Assurance Wireless, using the tiny Kyocera phone that they provide.

2) I have a perfectly good iPhone 4 from back when times were better.

3) I was told by a friend on Safelink that she bought a Tracfone SIM card and was able to install it in her old iPhone 4s, and somehow make it work with her Safelink acct.

4) Now, do I need a Tracfone Sim card or someone else's and HOW DO I DO THIS?

I don't have a home computer, laptop or iPad, so my old iPhone 4 is my only internet access, the little Kyocera will connect to the web but is worthless with its postage stamp size screen and inability to send or receive any pictures or images. Any and all help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Aug 17, 2016
smart phones
by: Anonymous

I don't care to learn how to operate a smartphone! I am almost satisfied with my phone except it doesn't take videos.....just photos!

Aug 17, 2016
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I understand your frustration. If you read my note below, you'll understand that supporting smartphones can get complicated. When they roll it out everywhere, they need to ensure it works properly and is a good experience.

Unfortunately, there's no known roll-out time frame, so at this point it's really all about being as patient as possible!

Aug 16, 2016
They Have A Trial For Smartphones In Cali Why Not Every Where
by: Anonymous

It's not fair that they try out smartphones in Cali, but nowhere else. That's so unfair and crazy! Let's be fair and try out smartphones where there is Assurance Wireless. That's the right thing to do, and stop saying it will be soon; may it be asap!

Everyone should have a smartphone. That's the right thing to do to be fair, and allow us to have a smartphone on their service!

Aug 16, 2016
When Will It Happen?
by: Anonymous

When will it happen? When is the date it will happen? It's taking too long, and they have tech to do it!

They're doing it in Cali; why don't they do it elsewhere? Give us a trial now!

Aug 15, 2016
It Will Happen!
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Assurance is currently doing a trial in California to allow smartphones. Try to keep in mind that it's an entirely different operational complexity. Smartphones require a lot more customer support required. There's also usually more issues with lost, damaged, and stolen smartphones compared to feature phones. Smartphone users also have much different data needs and expectations, which requires new plans, and a completely different cost structure.

They're trying to provide a free phone and service, however, smartphones introduce a much greater cost and complexity. Obviously things are migrating to smartphones. Unfortunately, it will take some time and your best bet is to be patient.

Aug 14, 2016
Smartphones Should Be Allowed On Assurance
by: Anonymous

I'ts not fair that you can't get a smartphone on Assurance Wireless when there a list of them online. They say it will work with Assurance Wireless, and when you try to hook it up they
say no. That's not fair. They should allow us to
pick out our own phone; that's the right thing to do!

Let all the states, not just some states, get them. Allow us be be humans and pick out our own phones. We're not kids who say noting. Let us pick out our own phones to help us keep in touch with family and friends. Let us pick out our phones and have this service and be happy!

Aug 07, 2016
Obama Phone
by: Anonymous

In the first place, there is NO Obama phone! He had NOTHING to do with it! Long, long, long ago a tax was put on your home telephone, which I understand pays for these phones for the POOR & elderly so they have a way of contacting someone in an emergency, etc.!

It's getting a little bit out of hand when people think they are entitled to an Android & other smart phones! The free phone is plain & simple & most do not work very well if at all! I never had one that worked right, so went out & bought another cheap [but better] phone acceptable to the program!

I know people who have had the free, cheap phone for a very long time with no problems! Where you got an Android & figure it should be free is beyond me!!!

Aug 07, 2016
Android Smartphone Quit Working, Why?
by: Donna Vance

Why did my Android smartphone quit working; now what? I thought this Obama government cell phone was a lifetime cell phone. I thought this was too good to be true. Donna

Jul 28, 2016
Flashing Contact
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Is this the flashing service you're looking for?

Jul 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

Can LG phones be flashed, and also how to find the person on Facebook?

Jun 25, 2016
Assurance Wireless Phones
by: Anonymous

I was doing an internet search on how to flash a Sprint or Virgin Mobile CDMA smart phone over to Assurance wireless. Only certain smarts phones from either will work as I have had a Samsung Galaxy S2 flashed over to Assurance wireless. There`s a guy on Facebook (Assurance Flashing) who does it for a fee. That's how I got my Galaxy S2 from Sprint flashed over.

Jun 16, 2016
Transfer Lifeline between Assurance and Life Wireless
by: M

If you are on Lifeline with Assurance and you are unhappy with your phone, you can transfer your lifeline account to another service, e.g Life Wireless.

Call your Lifeline Administrator in your State and tell them that you would like to switch providers. There may be 1 to 3 month waiting period before you can transfer your service.

Jun 16, 2016
Kimberly: Frustrated Girl
by: Michael

Assurance Wireless only supports their own smartphone. My experience with this phone was that the Android implementation was poor and the camera did not produce usable pictures. An upgrade to a better phone is not possible.

If you wish to use your AT&T smartphone, signup with Life Wireless instead. Life Wireless also supports Lifeline and you can use any unlocked AT&T smartphone by inserting a Life Wireless SIM card. If the phone is not unlocked, your former carrier will unlock it for you for free. Life Wireless also supplies a free smartphone. It is acceptable.

Jun 16, 2016
Smartphone With Home WiFi
by: Michael

Using your smartphone with your home WiFi is not dependent on your smartphone carrier. On your phone go into Settings and then Networks. If you don't know how to do this, look it up in your phone user manual. Under Network, turn on your WiFi. All the local WiFi hotspots should be shown; yours should probably be on top. Select it and enter the passcode requested. Unless it was changed, the default passcode should be on the router.

Jun 16, 2016
Help! Step-by-step smartphone activation process on Assurance Wireless needed!!
by: Anonymous

How do I use a smartphone on assurance wirelwess. I have wifi so I won't need data. Please tell me the steps.

May 27, 2016
So confused... please help!!
by: Kimberly

I went and got a phone at an Obama phone tent and think my phone service is assurance wireless? Well my question is how do I use this service on my old unlocked phone Samsung galaxy S5 mini? When I was using it I had an AT&T go phone plan on it so I dunno what to do or where to start.... I'm a very frustrated girl! Please lead me in some direction... thanks! Xoxo

May 18, 2016
received the zte android
by: Anonymous

i've been a customer of assurance wireless in california since 2014, i had the crappy kyocera or whatever. i called last week after seeing their new commercial about the android they were offering. Initially the guy on the phone seemed to be avoiding telling me about it, it seems like they might have a limited supply. a few minutes into the conversation i explained to him that my phone had a lot of issues then he asked for was my address. he said it would take 7-10 days but i called on a saturday and received it on monday. it's the ZTE 800, not bad compared to what i used to use. maybe if you complain about the old one like i did they'll be more likely to swap it for you. they also provide 250 mb of data now. it's a big improvement

Apr 25, 2016
Assurance Smartphone Received
by: Anonymous

Today I received a Kyocera Event Smartphone from Assurance Wireless as a replacement for the Alcatel OneTouch basic phone I had, which had stopped working. When I was on the phone with customer service I told her I was in California and was aware that smartphones were being rolled out in CA, and if at all possible I would like one. She said she would make the request but could not guarantee if one would be provided or if it were what make/model it would be.

Haven't tried it yet, it's on the charger now...

Runs Android!!!

Apr 17, 2016
I'm trying to get Lifeline (Assurance Wireless) on my Smartphone
by: Frank

Should I be purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Virgin Wireless using a Sprint network, then do I need to root it and re-flash it? Do you have a technical walk through for this, or a youtube demonstration? Thank you.

Apr 14, 2016
It Needs To Be...
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

...a phone that is on the Virgin whitelist. It can't just be the same phone from another carrier (locked or unlocked).

Apr 13, 2016
Using Virgin Mobile phones on AW
by: Ant

I've noticed a lot of these on eBay. I'd like to get the Rumour Touch to use. I'm on AW and the ZTE Quest is GARBAGE after about 6 months. It overheats and slows, even when the apps are minimal, then eventually it resets itself over and over. There's a list of phones on the AW site. Could I get any one, punch in their numbers, and use it, or do they need to be unlocked from their old carrier?

Apr 12, 2016
Assurance Smartphone
by: Michael

Assurance supplies you with a free smartphone. It is decent, but a low end unit. It has an adequate size screen and runs Android 4.4. What do you want for nothing?

Since Assurance doesn't use a SIM to tie their phone to their network you can't buy and use a better smartphone.

To swap a cheap smartphone with a better smartphone, get Lifeline from another company that uses SIMs, for example Life Wireless. Do a Google search for Lifeline carriers in your state. I don't recommend the Sprint network (Assurance), or Verizon, that has the same problem. I recommend buying an AT&T unlocked phone which uses a SIM and connects to Lifeline vendors using AT&T.

The iPhone is another that supports a variety of networks.

Apr 09, 2016
smartphone in assurance wireless
by: Anonymous

what smart phone I can use in Assurance wireless service please???

Apr 06, 2016
how do I go about doing this?
by: Anonymous

How do I go about doing this??

Mar 19, 2016
LG VOLT Flashed For Assurance Wireless For Sale $100
by: Anonymous

I have an LG volt I got about 2 months ago and I had it flashed by Assurance Wireless. It has a case and glass screen protector. Looks immaculate. Anybody interested please email me

Mar 19, 2016
Assurance Plan
by: Michael

Each state can have a different plan. There are 2 parts to the plan: 1) voice/text and 2) data. Up until a few months ago, Assurance only offered a dumb phone with voice/text. The amount of voice can vary between 250 to 500 minutes and texts for most states to unlimited for California. A few months ago, Assurance started offering an Android smartphone option for new customers. The smartphone allows you to run apps on the Internet like on the iPhone. They give you 250 Mbytes per month which is enough to look at your email, facebook, etc.

Assurance will only work on the phones you get from them. If you are on a 250 min/250 txt plan without a data plan, the smartphone will be virtually useless.

Call Assurance and give them your phone number and pin and ask them what plan you are on and if you have any data options.

Mar 19, 2016
by: Kiri

Please tell me about using the smartphone on Assurance Wireless. Currently I am on 250 min/250 text plan.

Mar 19, 2016
Screen Protector and Case
by: Michael

I don't recommend a screen protector. Today's phones, stronger scratch resistant screens eliminates the need. If you use a case, use a soft one to place the phone in while you are walking. A form fitting case can cause the phone to overheat.

Mar 19, 2016
Screen Protector and Phone cover
by: Sharron

Do you know where I can find screen protectors and a cover for the Assurance Wireless phone? I asked the representative where I purchased my phone and he told me to go to Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile said that they do not have covers for these phones.

Mar 03, 2016
What program do you download?
by: Jessica

What program do you download to flash the phone???

Feb 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

Even though Assurance is a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile, the two are separate companies.. If you are signing up to Assurance, ask for a smartphone.

Feb 26, 2016
by: Carrie

Do you explain on here how to use a virgin android phone with assurance? I am looking at this on a phone so something might be missing because I don't see any directions.

Feb 18, 2016
Lost My Phone
by: Anonymous

There is another thing you can try. Assurance will replace your phone if it is lost or broken once per year. If you "lose" your phone, Assurance may be willing to send you a smartphone to replace your lost phone.

Feb 17, 2016
Smart Phones for Assurance Wireless
by: Mike Green

If you find an Assurance agent in your area, ask the agent for one of the smartphones they have on hand. Then come back a few days later and ask the agent to deactivate your old dumb phone. This has to be done before your application makes it up the chain to Lifeline.

Another option is to get a Lifeline phone from another vendor. You can find many vendors with a Google search. I recommend Life Wireless since they use the AT&T network and have an excellent voice and data plan. If you call Life Wireless in the morning they will tell you the location of agents at stores or street corners near you. Like an Assurance agent they will hand you a working smartphone. You must bring eligibility documents. Tell the agent you are switching from Assurance to Life Wireless. The smartphone uses AT&T and a SIM card. The SIM card can be used in any unlocked AT&T smartphone. You can apply online but you won't know if you will be getting a dumb or smartphone. Used unlocked AT&T smartphones are available on eBay and Amazon.

After 3 months, if you are unhappy, reapply to Assurance as a new customer to get their smartphone.

Feb 17, 2016
Where are the smartphone California?
by: Anonymous

To Mike Green and others,

I live in Sacramento and I'm trying to trade my LG Aspire for a smartphone, but Assurance Wireless is playing dumb (only new customer get smartphone). I can not find any PayLo smartphone, and I also do not want to pay someone to flash a smartphone either. I just want to go to my Virgin account and swap.

Does anyone know if a Virgin pre-paid phone is OK to buy from Best Buy or Walmart?

HTC Desire 626
Huawei Union

Feb 06, 2016
ZTE Smartphones
by: Mike Green

I sign up people for Assurance phones in my Community Center in Los Angeles, CA. Starting about a month ago, Assurance is giving the option for new customers signing into to their website to get a smartphone. The current smartphone received is by ZTE, which is a decent smartphone running Android 4.4.4.

At my local 99 cents store, Assurance set up a booth for people to sign up and get a ZTE smartphone on the spot. One of people I got a Jax phone for, was able to trade it in for a ZTE smartphone.

I called Assurance and asked a question about the ZTE smartphone. The representative denied they were supplying it. I told her, I have a box mailed directly from Assurance with the ZTE smartphone in it with the data plan: unlimited voice and text and 250 MB of data. She still insisted that the only option is a PayLo phone which does not have a smartphone.

It is possible that this is a special program just for California, but I doubt it. California made a deal with Assurance where they have the best plan in the country.

Or it could be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

Feb 06, 2016
Help Would Be Appreciated
by: WA4CHM

A paraplegic friend of mind uses a flip phone through PayLo. He desires to get a low end smartphone. According to him the phone must be compatible with DEC 268XXXXXXX. There is a lot of information online to digest so I would appreciate your thoughts and advice on how he can purchase a phone and use it on his existing PayLo plan.

Jan 27, 2016
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I'm sorry to hear your negative thoughts. This site is not affiliated with any particular service, and I don't have a flashing service to sell anyone. This is a forum where myself and others can share our thoughts and help one another by sharing our experience and info.

There's a lot of good info in here, including someone who says they offer a flashing service. It's apparently not a simple process that anyone has been able to clearly articulate with a step-by-step. That's an unfortunate reality.

It looks like you've grossly misstated as I have nothing (let alone 2) things to sell anyone....


Jan 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

Bummer, you know I can not get the 5 minutes of my life back!!! It took that long to realize that this was not a DIY tutorial on how to trade my Obama phone for my smartphone that does not have service. Smart though, this guy manages to advertise his/someone's phone company/services TWICE!!! We are seeking an answer and PWG gives us HIS solution!!!! And is smart too!!! This guy is not gonna get sued he IS though in my opinion a liar, a con man, probably in MY non-judgmental opinion would make an EXCELENT car sales man!!!

Jan 16, 2016
Switching from a dumb phone to a smartphone
by: Anonymous

There is nothing answering the question. How do I switch my Obama phone from assurance to a virgin smartphone that I bought?

Jan 15, 2016
Which phones
by: Alex

So any phone from any carrier can be used ? Or is it just phones based off of virgin mobile ?

Jan 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

KJB - Hello! Heres the confusion im in :

Im a low-income person eligible for a Lifeline phone service.

In July, for $150 (plus tax) i bought a BLU Studio 0.5 LTE smartphone (a GSM phone) at BestBuy, then had it activated at a BudgetMobile (BM) sidewalk booth for the Lifeline service thru T-Mobile. Then i discovered the phone had a defective microphone, so i removed the microSIM card and sent it to BLU for a replacement, which i soon recd and put the microSIM card into it, and it worked fine for weeks....

But because, while waiting for my BLU replacement) i had mistakenly signed up again with BM for a simple non-smartphone, which i soon recd and started using. Then BM soon sent me a notice saying the accounts for the BLU phone and the temp phone were both CLOSED because i had TWO accounts, which they do not allow....

I called BM and explained the above. They said that even if i opened a new account, the BM service would no longer work on my BLU phone (!!!???)....

But because my BLU phone DID work on the BM service, i believe all i need is a new BM microSIM card activated by BM. Right ?....If not, what are my options ?

Jan 05, 2016
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Officially only certain Virgin payLo phones can be used. However, you can unofficially flash a compatible phone. Assurance doesn't support that process, so you'll need to use the info in this thread to find a deal who can do it for you.

Jan 01, 2016
Can use a Sprint or Virgin Android with Assurance???
by: Nic

So are we able to use Sprint & Virgin Mobile Android phones, and that's it. I mean, that would be great, but is it any Android, or just Sprint & Virgin Mobile??? And the term "Flash" is that something you have to call Assurance about and request? Thx.

Dec 29, 2015
Upgraded Phones
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

That would be great! I find it hard to believe that they would proactively upgrade everyone's phone. Hopefully people who receive these free upgrades will report back here so we'll know if this is in fact a proactive upgrade program!

Dec 26, 2015
Assurance Sending Out New Phones
by: Chip S

I spoke to Assurance Wireless about upgrading my cell phone, and they told me I should wait because they are shipping out new free upgraded phones to current customers.

Dec 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

How do I bring my iPhone 4 to free government services?

Nov 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

They can flash your phone, check their site out on Facebook, they can flash smartphones to work with assurance wireless

Nov 03, 2015
Data is Extra
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

That makes sense, no? Assurance gives you an allocation of voice and text messages, or unlimited if you buy up. If you have a smartphone and need data, you'll need to pay for it by purchasing topup cards.

Nov 03, 2015
Smart Phone on Assurance via Sprint.
by: awe ZTE N800

I have a Android Smart phone on Assurance. It is a Virgin Mobile Awe ZTE N800. I was also told that I would have to apply a payment for additional data if I reach my limit. So I consider this more like a prepay. If I don't pay, I don't get Internet data.

Oct 29, 2015
Sprint iPhone
by: Anonymous

Would I be able to flash my Assurance phone to a Sprint iPhone?

Oct 29, 2015
Smart Phones for Assurance Wireless
by: Mike Green

Currently Assurance does not support the HTC Evo V because they do not support smartphones. But I talked to a rep promoting Assurance, and he told me that will change soon. Within a month or two, Assurance will provide a smartphone option. The rep refused to provide any details of the phone or the plan.

Based on previous experience, you should be able to use any phone which you buy through any of the Virgin Mobile companies: Virgin Mobile, Assurance or PayLo. Buying Sprint phones or used phones probably will not work, e.g. the HTC Evo. Virgin Mobile companies do not support SIMs with the possible exception of iPhones.

I recently switched from Assurance to Life Wireless for my Lifeline plan. Life Wireless uses the AT&T network. Their Android smartphones, which are also free, use SIM cards. That means that if you wish to buy a decent phone, you can buy an AT&T unlocked smartphone, and simply plug in the SIM card. The SIM card already has your data encoded on it so there isn't even the need to call customer support.

As a final note. The Life Wireless smartphone is not shown on their website; they only show dumb phones. I was handed a smartphone when Life Wireless was in my area looking for new customers. It is a decent smartphone, but don't expect too much from a Chinese phone given away for free, which probably cost Life Wireless $10 to $20. I just ordered a new LG L2 smartphone for $200. It was $580 in Nov 2013. I will finally have a smartphone I can enjoy with 1250 minutes of voice and 250 MB of data (in California) with no monthly fee. It can be upgraded to the latest Android operating system. Not a bad deal.

Oct 29, 2015
Question Never Answered
by: Sam

What are the instructions for flashing a sprint phone (HTC Evo) to Assurance Wireless?

Oct 29, 2015
by: Sam

So where are the instructions for flashing Sprint phone (HTC Evo) to Assuance wireless?

Sep 17, 2015
Want to Buy the LG Tribute
by: Anonymous

I want to buy the LG Tribute; it's brand new and I believe it holds a SIM card.

How would I go about getting the Assurance service on it, and will it work properly???

Sep 14, 2015
Kyocera Verve
by: Mike Green

Some cell phones have a SIM cards slot, which allows a cell phone to connect to any cell phone service. All cell phones must allow this within a few years according to a recently passed federal law. But today only a few carriers support this law and when they do, only for a few cell phones.

This allows customers to compare prices and take their phone to a carrier with a better plan, which is helping to reduce prices.

Virgin Mobile/Sprint does this with a few phones. Assurance, also on the Sprint network, does not.

When you buy a phone, the retailer scans the bar code and sets the phone to work on a specific network.

Assurance is very hard nosed about this. The phone can be compatible with their network, but if you don't buy it from an authorized dealer, they won't accept it. For example, they may accept an Assurance phone bought at Best Buy but not Walmart. When you buy a phone online you don't know who the original seller was.

As I said elsewhere, Assurance isn't the only vendor of Lifeline phones. Do a Google search for carriers in your state. If the phone is compatible with AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile and supports a SIM, you can use any phone.

Sep 14, 2015
Using a Kyocera Verve
by: Anonymous

I really want to use another phone other than the one they sent me from Assurance Wireless. I have one that I'm no longer using, and want to know if it is possible to use this phone from another carrier. If there is any way possible please let me know. Thank you!!

Aug 21, 2015
Coolpad Arise
by: Anonymous

Assurance is very reluctant to let you use a phone you bought elsewhere. They really only support the 3 phones on their website. I was able to get them to connect to a phone that they used previously but they gave me a really hard time.

Aug 21, 2015
Life Wireless
by: Anonymous

As many others have said, the Assurance Wireless free phone is very poor. It is difficult to hear and the receiving party has difficult hearing. I finally got fed up with the phone, the refusal of Assurance to let me buy my own phone, and the poor reception of the Sprint Network.

I wanted a phone using AT&T or Verizon. I found a company called Life Wireless that also supports Lifeline. Life Wireless offers free smartphones at booths that move around different areas. A rep signed me up and handed me an activated new smartphone with about 280 minutes on it so that I can make calls while waiting for Lifeline approval.

The phone is a Logic X1 smartphone. It comes with 2 plans: unlimited voice and text or 1250 minutes of voice & text and 250 MB of data. It has excellent sound quality and comes with Android 4.4.2. 250 MB is just enough for limited use, e.g. email. The rest of the time I hook it up to my home WiFi or an external hotspot.

Okay, now the downside. Life Wireless is only available in a handful of States: Fortunately for me, one of those states is California. The other problem is you can't sign up (at least in California) over the phone. You have to find one of those small booths. I found one by word of mouth.

You can find a provider by Googling "Lifeline Providers" and entering your zip code.

Aug 20, 2015
Coolpad Arise on Assurance
by: Anonymous

I am wondering if I can use a Coolpad Arise with Assurance Wireless. I bought it at a Kroger store, and found out they use the Virgin Mobile network (Sprint). I do not need to use data with the phone (I use WiFi for that). I only need the cell network for Voice Calling. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this? Thanks!

Aug 03, 2015
Free Phone
by: Anonymous

This free phone is supposed to be for low income & senior citizens! It's true, it's very hard to see. Also, mine never worked correctly. After the 3rd phone, I gave up & bought another one!

I now have a Kyocera Contact. They were getting rid of that model! It took me awhile to learn it, and I still don't know everything! It is supposedly the same as the Kyocera Verve.

I wanted a phone that I could hear. I could hear well on the speaker phone, but even that isn't so good anymore. Try finding a battery for it. I've checked everywhere & the only place I found it was Kyocera. It cost double what the phone cost. So, when my battery gets weak I'll just buy a new phone, but not a Kyocera.

I, too, would like a phone that is easy to see & is clear & loud to hear. Any suggestions will be appreciated, but I can't afford an expensive one. I paid $20 for this one. The regular price was $70 & up, and it has lots of features. I don't want one with all the fancy frills that I will never use. Thanks!

Aug 02, 2015
No Smartphone
by: Anonymous

I have a Free Assurance Wireless account. I'm new with them. The phone they gave me is not good at all. I called 611 and they told me that I can use another, however, no smartphones. It has to be a Virgin mobile "payLo" phone only.

Jul 31, 2015
Swap Phone on Assurance
by: Mike Green

Before I try to swap my HTC Evo 4 for my Kyocera S1360 on Assurance, I tried to swap another Kyocera S1360. I logged onto my Assurance Account and clicked "Swap Phones". The program asks for my MEID number. I tried several formats: 268-435-462-504-871-xxx, 268435462504871xxx, 268 435 462 504 871 xxx where the last 3 digits are intentionally hidden.

I get the error message "There was a problem with the MEID/ESN provided. Double-check it was entered correctly and try again. Otherwise, please call Customer Care."

Did I do something wrong? Should I call customer service and give them this number but enter the information they give me in my smart phone?

Jul 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

my assurance phone is very hard to see & use- can you help me find a free one that is better for me?

Jul 15, 2015
LG Optimus Fuel
by: Anonymous

How do you link this phone with Safelink? The people at safelink are telling me it's not possible to link a smartphone...can it be done? Please email me at if there are any instructions....

Jul 08, 2015
Help Swapping Handset
by: nydia r

I'd really appreciate if you can email me at with instructions on how to swap handsets to a smart phone.

Jul 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

I see many questions as to use a smartphone on Assurance Wireless...but no answers on how to do it...Could you tell me please?

Jun 22, 2015
You Don't Need 4G
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I understand your concern. If you can get 3G data, you shouldn't have a problem accessing virtually any page, and filling out any forms that you need to. The connection certainly won't be as fast as 4G, but really shouldn't be too painful.

Jun 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

Assurance wireless told me that their data plan is not made for smartphones and is very basic. I don't get how they use Virgin Mobile but can't use their 4G. Plus isn't the idea here to also help us be able to get jobs. Most jobs now require you to fill applications out online and have an email! Basically my question is it possible to get 4G on Assurance, and if not how much slower is their data plan?

Jun 08, 2015
Dear Anonymous,
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

What's your question? There's a lot of people asking questions that have already been answered. Maybe your question is unique, but overlooked?

Jun 07, 2015
There are questions but no answers
by: Anonymous

So many people ask, but nobody gives an answer.

Apr 11, 2015
Any instructions as to how?
by: Bruce Cole

Reply to:
You can swap your phone by yourself on
by: Anonymous

Don't call them... Do it yourself at

So how do we do it?

Apr 06, 2015
You can swap your phone by yourself on
by: Anonymous

Don't call them... Do it yourself at

Mar 23, 2015
Procedure to Flash a Smartphone to Assurance Wireless
by: David

Howdy! I have Assurance Wireless as my carrier. I have never been able to use the Internet on the little Kyocera that was supplied.

I do not use facebook,...sorry ! Can I "flash" a smartphone if my brother supplies it? Can you explain the proper procedure ?
I am not too dense!

Thanks for all you do!
David V.

Mar 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Don't you have to subscribe to the Internet over your "smart-phone" if you want to pay bills or conduct other business over the phone? It was my understanding that the Assurance Wireless, Safelink, etc. was for people who cannot afford phone service, which is important for the elderly & others with health problems, etc! It seems to me, people are getting around that "low income" factor!! They ought to be ashamed!

Mar 03, 2015
by: BostonHolly

I have been a SafeLink wireless customer since 2009 when I lost my company and fell on hard times. As a 61 yr old disabled female, I am extremely grateful for the free minutes program. But I am fed up with Tracfone only offering the worst possible, used/refurbished, and often nonfunctional cell phones.

I've never wanted a smart phone, because it's impossible to easily make phone calls. But the reason I would invest in a refurbished smart phone is because I cannot use 411, 911 nor connect with local police easily as Tracfone phones are typically rejected pieces of junk, which make it very difficult to communicate with landline phones.

Forget about communicating with anyone who owns a smart phone, which is everyone unless they have become disabled, elderly or have fallen on hard times. I attempted to learn about Net10, a Safelink approved company, but Net10 provides no information on their site, and no one picked up on the landline customer service line.

Similarly, with Assurance Wireless I attempted to garner information about them, as they are also a Safelink approved company, but they do not have any landline customer service reps to speak with, nor do they have a website that provides information for prospective customers.

I called Safelink who's rep stated that Safelink only uses TracFone and that they no longer have a relationship with Assurance Wireless. He has also "forgotten about Net10". I would buy the damn phone if it was compatible with Safelink, Android or otherwise.

TracFone sells phones to poor people, but they only sell smart phones (refurbished) to their more well-heeled customers. Yes, we *are* being pushed aside at best, and at worst are being punished for being poor or disabled or old. Nuttin' new...

Feb 20, 2015
not-so-smart phone
by: alison

Can you please be more specific about how to do this? I'm so non-technical, step by step instructions would be very helpful.
Thank-you so much

Dec 31, 2014
They Don't Offer Smartphones...
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

...Because the fact is that they're offering a free phone, and even the cheapest smartphones are still more expensive than feature phones.

As the price of smartphones continues to decrease (I mean the cost to manufacture), they will eventually be offered. Note, however, that even with less costly smartphones, there's still going to be a higher cost to service, and repair/replace, so it will take some time.

The legacy CDMA Cricket Safelink program actually didn't give you a free phone, but rather a discount on your monthly service. It's not as good as other free phone programs b/c you do have to buy your own phone, but gives you the flexibility to get any phone you want, including bringing your own compatible phone.

The New Cricket (under AT&T) doesn't offer this program currently, but expect them to launch it at some point in the future.

Dec 25, 2014
by: Silhouett

Safelink which uses TracFone also does not allow the use of smartphones. I am not sure why because if you own or even purchase a TracFone that is Android like TracFone sells, why is it not able to be put on the Safelink network?

Seems like they are punishing the people for getting phone assistance by not letting them own a smartphone. A Safelink person would still have to purchase minutes over their allowed usage, so I don't get what the issue is.

Dec 21, 2014
Can't Bank w/o Smart Phone
by: KikiH

I cannot do my banking or keep up w/ my account balance on any of the Assurance offered phones. I need to have a smartphone flashed to assurance...PLEASE! I have an older model iPhone from Sprint that was given to me. Are you able to flash this to the NC Assurance service???

Dec 21, 2014
Best/Largest Touch Screen
by: Randy

Wanting to move up from the LG Aspire touch screen to a better and larger touch screen (this one has 3.1" screen), hoping for a 4.5" or larger model, that will work on Assurance Wireless. What do you recommend, and do you have such a phone? Also, if I buy a smartphone can you re-flash it so it will work, and what is the cost?

Dec 17, 2014
Kyocera Contact
by: Anonymous

I didn't set this phone up for 3 months.....manual not worth a "D" is a little better! I'm learning something new nearly everyday!!! Online it shows a screen with little icons like my Kyocera s2100, which shows tools, settings, my stuff, etc. My phone, only, has 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on with the tiny icons.....totally different!

I find more & more how much I really don't like it. I have to use the speaker phone all the time in order to hear on it, or press the phone hard up against my ear in order to hear without the speaker phone on! There's so much more I don't like, but would have to demonstrate! The battery runs down at least twice as fast as my old phone!! And try finding a new battery for this phone!! I found a couple while back that were $3 cheaper then the phone itself! Now, I can't find any!!!

Now, I know to check for that before I ever buy another phone! All & all, I'm not crazy about this phone & will never recommend it!! Oh....I can hear with the speaker phone on. I couldn't with my old phone!

Dec 16, 2014
Donor phone
by: Anonymous

Can you please tell me how to do this?

Dec 14, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S2 to Work for Assurance Wireless?
by: Andrea

Can you please help me with getting my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 to work on Assurance Wireless?

Dec 11, 2014
by: Lynne

Can I have my Windows HTC T-Mobile phone transferred to Assurance Wireless?

Dec 10, 2014
Which Phone to Pick
by: Anonymous

I'm kinda confused on which cellphone to pick to flash to Assurance. I'm looking for a cheap "good rated" touch screen cellphone for under $40.00. I want to be able to surf the Net for news and gossip...LOL.

Nov 30, 2014
Assurance Flashing
by: Brian

Hi everyone please visit our new page on Facebook

It has all the info you need and also phones for sale.

Nov 30, 2014
Little Confused
by: Melissa

Does that mean all I need to do is flash the Android phone?

Nov 28, 2014
I Have a Nokia Lumina
by: Michelle

From MetroPCS; can i I use it?

Nov 23, 2014
flashed rumor touch

Thanks Brian love the phone. Does it all. You explained everything to a non techy and now I have it up and working. Great deal!.

Nov 03, 2014
I'd love to know how and which phones work best
by: Tanya

I have been looking everywhere. I'd appreciate the help.

Oct 26, 2014
Assurance Flash
by: Brian

A Sprint Evo will work and some HTC Virgin phones also. To better understand which phones will work and the process, if you search which phones can be flashed to Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and Page Plus will work for Assurance Wireless. To start the process you will need to contact me via email, phone, or text: brianbri6 at, 401 400 0403.

Oct 25, 2014
I have an old HTC Evo from Sprint can I give this to my disabled sister who uses Assurance
by: Michael

Please give me more information on how to accomplish this process. This was a sprint phone, so it should be able to use the same network. Thank you for this information, I really want her to be able to play games and take pictures on her phone.

Sep 11, 2014
Use Smartphone
by: Anonymous

I have an HTC Virgin Mobile smartphone can I use it?

Aug 15, 2014
It Should Work
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I would think it should work, so long as you have data access. Please respond back once you have completed the setup, and let us know what happened.

Aug 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I bought the Kyocera Contact phone, but haven't set it up yet.....charging it & reading the 'not so informative' manual & online support[?]. I don't use my cell for emailing, except I found that I can send photos to myself taken on my little cheap cell phone from this cheapie to my email address.

I have seen where many are saying they won't be able to email anymore. Does this mean I can't use this Kyocera Contact to take photos & email them to myself? Thank you

Aug 05, 2014
smart phone
by: Brian

I am located in Massachusetts. I also travel to Rhode Island

Aug 05, 2014
Great article THX
by: matt

Brian are you in the Bay Area?

Aug 04, 2014
by: Brian

I flashed most CDMA smartphones to Assurance Wireless talk, txt, and 3G data, and MMS send only. Contact me at brianbri6 at or cell: four zero one - 400 - 0403. I can do Samsung, LG, HTC, and more. Sorry no iPhones at the moment.

Aug 01, 2014
Kyocera Contact
by: Anonymous

THANKS, PrepaidWirelessGuy!

Aug 01, 2014
Kyocera Contact
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

The Kyocera Contact is listed on the Virgin Mobile site as a payLo compatible smartphone, so you should be able to simply call Assurance and swap your account to it. Once you get the phone, call them!

Jul 31, 2014
Kyocera Contact
by: Anonymous

Kmart has the Kyocera Contact on sale this week for $19.99. It says it's a smartphone [??]! I've read on here there's a way of using it with Assurance Wireless! Can I? I am going to order it & if I can't use it, I'll take it back to the store. The sale ends Saturday & I don't want miss out if I will be able to use it! Thanks.

Jul 17, 2014
So Where Are The Instructions To Do This?
by: Anonymous

I might be missing something, or maybe I'm blind, but I don't see where the instructions are to do this?

Jul 01, 2014
Smartphones and AW
by: Dmitriy Y.

I had problems scanning memory in CDMA. I needed to downgrade my firmware on my ZTE AWE, but that's too much work. There were other programs to try but I just gave up. ZTE AWE is so hard to reprogram. I'd recommend buying another smartphone. Also, you might want to buy the Samsung Montage or Kyocera Contact PayLo phones that might work to connect to CDMA and pull needed profiles from for your smartphone reprogramming. Anyway, I'm done for now.

Operation: Unsuccessful. Reason: Too impatient and too many errors; too much work.

Jun 28, 2014
Smartphones and AW
by: Dmitriy Y.

I am currently working on getting my free Assurance Wireless phone to work as a donor phone for my new ZTE AWE smartphone. I have learned a lot and will let you all know how to do it once I successfully complete the process. If I fail I will let you know that too. My Skype is Gunndown99 and e-mail is if you want to join me.

Jun 24, 2014
Easiest Way
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

The easiest way to change your phone is to request a new one from Assurance. They have certain allowances to replace broken phones. The next easiest thing is get a Virgin payLo phone and activate that on Assurance.

Jun 23, 2014
Switching My Assurance Account To A Different Phone
by: amanda

The Assurance Wireless phone they sent me got broken, and can someone please tell me how do I get my Assurance services switched to another phone? I have two older, unused phones I can use. A Straight Talk phone from Walmart, and a Boost Mobile phone.

Do I have to call Assurance Wireless or can I switch it myself somehow? Please help me, because every time I get one of those small little phones from their company it always has something that goes wrong with it before my yr warranty runs out, and I have to be re-approved. I just want it to be easier, and have a great phone with my service.

I don't have a lot of money, and love the service they provide for me. Please help me switch my phones out more easily!!!

May 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

So how do you edit the meid number on the Kyocera rise. Would like to know if possible

May 14, 2013
Using An Android Phone
by: Anonymous

What other "various settings" need to be changed? How do you change the serial number?

Mar 15, 2013
System Migration Is Likely Causing The Problem
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Thank you for the feedback. There's a good discussion about what might be going on over at this other thread starting on March 15, 2013:

Changing Assurance Wireless Phone

I hope this provides some additional insight.

Mar 15, 2013
Kyocera Brio Does Not Work!!!
by: Anonymous

Kyocera Brio is not working on Assurance. I tried yesterday after buying one at Target for $19.99. I also ordered a cover and plastic screen covers off eBay so it does not break like my Kyocera Loft. The guy at Assurance told me I must have got a bad phone and to exchange it, so I ran to Target and did just that and called again. This time they said I must not have a Brio, I must be wrong. It is a Brio. The man said to try again in 15 days that the system isn't upgraded yet. I called again, this time they put in a work ticket. I called again. This time she said to try to swap it once a week till it works!!! OMG these people have no idea what is going on. The worst part is that I called before buying the phone to make sure it would work and they said yes. I am so irritated.

I am very thankful for my free service, but just because things are free doesn't mean we deserve to be crapped on and treated badly. I am not out trying to buy an iPhone, just a cheap $20 phone.

Mar 14, 2013
Have Safelink And Samsung S390 Smartphone
by: banana

Looks to me like Assurance would be a better deal as $30 unlimited vs. $30 for 120 min on Safelink. And still, even though my phone is triple minutes, that's 360 min plus my free Safelink 250, and I don't have a car so need to use WiFi to find where to go, and shortcuts to walk everywhere. These WiFi min eat you alive. I want to know if a switch to Assurance and use their phone as a donor, can I still keep my Samsung with the WiFi, video/camera etc.?

Feb 27, 2013
Kyocera BRIO is not working with Assurance Wireless.
by: Vega

Assurance Rep said Kyocera Brio is not able to be used with Assurance Wireless Service, because their old system is not working with Brio device.

Feb 25, 2013
Kyocera Brio
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

As it's a Virgin PayLo phone, it absolutely should work. You should be able to just call Assurance and ask them to swap your phone on your account. Please report back how it goes!

Feb 25, 2013
Change phone
by: Yolanda

Does anybody know if the Kyocera BRIO is compatible with my Assurance Wireless plan? I was told by one of their representatives that it was not but on the VirginMobile website says it is. Also, are there instructions on how to change/swap phones?


Feb 21, 2013
Donor to Sprint phone
by: AbeLinc

Have Jax phones & Sprint LG Rumor2. How do I cannabelize Rumor to work on Assurance????

Feb 21, 2013
Data Should Work
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Great; thanks for the clarification. In theory, any officially compatible Assurance phone (like the Entro) should work as a donor phone. Note, however, that I still haven't figured out the step-by-step details to actually complete the "donation" process.

Data provisioning should work fine. Where data sometimes doesn't work is when phones are flashed between carriers. For example, when a Sprint phone is flashed to Page Plus (running on Verizon). While the networks are compatible, the provisioning sometimes doesn't work to enable full data access.

A Sprint phone being used on a Sprint network should work if flashed properly. I have experienced issues with MMS not working when a prepaid phone Sprint is flashed to work on postpaid Sprint, however, it's been awhile since I've had a chance to experience that.

Feb 21, 2013
unsupported phone
by: Robert

Yes, I am using a virgin Mobile phone (entro) on Assurance but would like to swap it out for a smart phone if possible. If so what kind should I use and if I purchased data from assurance would it work?

Feb 21, 2013
You're Already Using A Compatible Phone
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

No, you're already using your Entro on Assurance, so you don't need to worry about a donor phone. As the Entro is a Virgin PayLo phone, it's directly supported/compatible with Assurance. The link below on the January 23rd post is a discussion about compatibility. The discussion here is about about getting an un-supported smartphone on Assurance. I hope this helps clarify.

Feb 21, 2013
entro phone
by: Robert

I am using the Entro phone on the assurance plan. The Jax phone they give out broke and went into the trash. Would I have to get another jax phone from them just to do this?

Feb 21, 2013
Donor Phone Clarification
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Please note that a donor phone must be a standard issue Assurance phone. You'd be making a smartphone look like the authorized phone. i.e. The Assurance phone is a donor to make the smartphone look like an authorized Assurance phone. I hope this makes sense.

Feb 21, 2013
could you use a sprint phone
by: Robert

My brother works for Sprint and has many outdated smart phones collecting dust. Would I be able to use my Samsung Entro as the donor for any of them?

Feb 20, 2013
What Smartphones?
by: melissa

So what smart phones could you use, and how would you activate it?

Feb 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

How exactly would you program a smartphone to look like it's an authorized phone? I'm not very tech savvy and don't know how I could do that.

Feb 11, 2013
Donor Phone
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

A donor phone is a phone that is authorized to be on the Assurance Wireless plan. i.e. The Kyocera Jax and any Virgin PayLo phone. You basically program your Kyocera Rise to look like it's an authorized phone by programming it with the serial number of the authorized phone (i.e. the donor phone).

I hope this helps.

Feb 09, 2013
About This Wireless Phone
by: Julie

I was just given a Kyrocera Rise phone. It has not been activated yet, as I have Assurance Wireless. Not sure how to start up service and use this particular phone. I realize they have certain phones you're supposed to use, however, I'm not sure I am understanding what a DONOR phone is. Can you go into a little more detail on that? Thanks ahead of time.

Jan 28, 2013
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

To be honest with you, I'm not sure what specifically is involved to complete the whole process. Learning about these details (and posting them here) is what I'm trying to do so that people who are technically inclined (like you) can do so.

Once the phone has the ESN/MEID of the donor phone (i.e. an Assurance phone), I imagine the Access Point Name, PRL, etc. would all need to be updated. That said, some of that may occur automatically once the network sees the phone as a compatible/authorized handset. Though I'm not sure what would occur auto-magically vs. what would need to be configured manually.

This is the mystery I'm seeking to untangle!

Jan 28, 2013
setting updates
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this information! I am comfortable with the serial number thing, but what other updates need to be made? Is it like adding a new APN? I have a samsung galaxy s3.


Jan 23, 2013
Virgin Phones On Assurance
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

A quick note that for those seeking to avoid the challenge of using a donor phone to flash over a smartphone, there's an extensive discussion about what existing Virgin Mobile phones are officially supported on Assurance Wireless:

Changing Assurance Wireless Phone

Jan 23, 2013
Smartphones On Assurance
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Thank you for the post. I completely agree with you that finding a workaround to getting an officially unsupported phone (i.e. a smartphone) on Assurance Wireless (or any other free cell phone service for that matter) isn’t defrauding the company (Sprint in this case).

There are no doubt some very specific reasons why Sprint is not currently allowing smartphones to be activated on Assurance. It surely has a support cost, as well as a strategic decision. I’m sure they’re hearing loud and clear that there is a meaningful demand for this, and that even people who need free cell phone service will have a multitude of reasons why they have a smartphone on hand to use with Assurance.

The reality is that the Jax is a horrible phone, and even other older Sprint feature phones would be a welcome addition to the Assurance program. There are a ton of those lying around in people’s homes, on eBay, etc., that would work great on Assurance. If they were providing a better phone than the Jax, I wonder if this would be such a hot topic. I suspect that there would be more satisfied users who are perfectly happy with a feature phone. However, I expect that the desire to use smartphones would still be there.

I also wanted to point out that flashing a smartphone using a donor phone doesn’t appear to be a simple and straightforward process. I’ve been doing research on this topic, and have yet to find a clear step 1-2-3 process that will work with most smartphones, and that the average person can do. If I find it, I will certainly post it here!

If there are experts out there like KJB who can share details about how or where this can be done, please do help. If you offer a service to do such flashing/conversion, please feel free to leave a link to your website so we can send people/prospective customers to you!

Lastly, there are also Lifeline programs (ex. Cricket Lifeline Credit) that offer a credit on your monthly payment rather than offering free phone service. The amount of the credit varies by state, however, depending on the plan you choose, it can mean very inexpensive service. The benefit of credit programs is that you can use any phone that the carrier supports, and activate any plan you want. So, in the case of Cricket, you can bring you own compatible phone, or choose from a ton of prepaid smartphones. Of course, they won’t be free, however, you can buy a lower cost one, or bring one you already own. Anyway, another option to consider.

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