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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, April 2009 -- Smartphones & Touchscreens Coming to Prepaid!
April 01, 2009

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - April 2009 Issue


Prepaid wireless is a growing and truly exciting industry.  At Prepaid Wireless Guide I try to provide you with in-depth information that isn't readily available anywhere else.  Its content is original, and created from first hand experience working in the prepaid wireless industry.

This monthly email provides you with a quick glance at what's in the news so that you can easily keep informed.  I believe in brief, to-the-point summaries/commentary so that you can move onto other tasks in your day.  Each snippet includes a link to the original story should you be interested in the full details.

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MetroPCS wants LTE services next year | Prepaid Reviews
By Joe
MetroPCS is talking about launching LTE (Long Term Evolution) 3G technology next year, which would be fairly aggressive for a smaller carrier to be introducing such technology not much after Verizon.  I wonder how this could impact a potential merger with Leap, if Leap doesn’t deploy the same technology.  i.e. They currently have the same technology, which makes a merger very synergistic.  We’ll have to see if this new LTE network materializes.  If so, at least it means faster data speeds, and the potential for a MetroPCS prepaid broadband offering!

The GigaOM Interview: MetroPCS COO Tom Keys
GigaOm - San Francisco,CA,USA
Interesting interview with MetroPCS COO discussing why/how it is that Metro has been able to grow so successfully, and his opinions on the competitive landscape and its impending 4G rollout.

AT&T's Troubles Are Only The Beginning
Gerson Lehrman Group - New York,USA
Discussion around how prepaid wireless is really heating up, resulting in significant issues for AT&T if they don’t stop and take notice before it’s too late!

Send Unlimited, Free Text Messages to Any Phone With mjoy
Just as TextHog has launched a free service for stupid-simple expense tracking from your cell phone, we now learn about mjoy.  Here's the one-line mjoy elevator pitch: "Send unlimited free text messages to any mobile phone in the world." Sounds simple enough, right?  Maybe not…

MetroPCS Launches the BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone

It's great to see prepaid carriers in the U.S. entering the smartphone space.  It's only a matter of time before ANY device is available as a prepaid option.  Good job Metro!

Boost Mobile Selects LSN’s Local Wireless to Deliver Local News.
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
“We are pleased to partner with Boost Mobile to deliver valuable information directly to the mobile consumer who uses a prepaid wireless phone…”

Virgin Mobile promises touch-screen phones
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
Simply additional evidence that handset selection will ultimately not be a barrier for customers opting into prepaid calling plans; or shall I say opting out of long term contract plans ;-).  It will be interesting to see what the prepaid handset lineup looks like 18 months from now.

Prepaid iPhone available on March 26 | Prepaid Reviews
By Joe
Exciting news for iPhone lovers who simply do not want to commit to a contract.  However, at $599 and $699, for the 8GB and 16GB models, respectively, are there any takers?

Recession may take further toll on wireless spending
Almost 40% of respondents said they would likely seek to save costs on their cell phones if the recession does not end soon, according to a survey commissioned by the New Millennium Research Council, a Washington think tank.  The report also suggests that prepaid wireless carriers, such as MetroPCS Communications and Leap Wireless, could be the beneficiaries as Americans re-examine their cell phone spending. Quoted in The Prepaid Press is quoted in an article about how unlimited prepaid offerings are impacting the industry.

Cricket gets Motorola Evoke QA4 Touchscreen Device!
Pretty slick looking device.  Not a smartphone operating system, but said to be a nice phone nonetheless.  It's good to see such devices coming to the prepaid market.

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  • Added Prepaid Broadband Providers summary page.  Find it here.
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  • Given the growth of the site and the interest in advertising, added advertising page here.
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  • Updated Verizon INpulse daily plans with new pricing, and added new PAYG plan.


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