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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, November 2009 -- Monthly Plan Competition Increases!
November 01, 2009

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - November 2009 Issue


Prepaid wireless is a growing and truly exciting industry.  At Prepaid Wireless Guide I try to provide you with in-depth information that isn't readily available anywhere else.  Its content is original, and created from first hand experience working in the prepaid wireless industry.

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Leap at Center of Merger Speculation Again
San Diego Union Tribune
More talk about a Leap and MetroPCS merger.  While it may be getting someone tiresome, it really does seem inevitable if the two companies are to remain competitive in this tough unlimited prepaid market.

Nationwide Prepaid Cell Phone Service Provider Page Plus Cellular Launches New Monthly Plan
Page Plus announced the October 9th launch of its new Talk n Text 1200 plan. The new plan includes 1,200 voice minutes, 1,200 text or picture/video messages and 50 megabytes of data for just $29.95 a month.  Quite a competitive plan if you ask me!

PlatinumTel Prepaid Wireless Rated Above Cricket, Verizon, and MetroPCS
PlatinumTel recognized for its flexible and affordable Prepaid Plans.  You don’t hear much about PlatinumTel; could they be a diamond in the prepaid wireless rough?

Walmart to Offer Cut-Rate Mobile Phone Service
Walmart is now offering Straight Talk products in all of its stores.  As a division of TracFone, their product is pretty solid, and proves to be a contender in the monthly prepaid space.  Does anyone feel as though this market is becoming a little crowded these days?!

Billing Conversion Nears Completion for Alltel Customers
Gaylord Herald Times
Verizon acquired Alltel, one of its MVNOs in January 2009, and are nearing the completion of integrating them into their systems.  They’re also getting rid of the Alltel brand, however, prepaid customers will still be able to use existing Alltel replenishment products.

Virgin America Teams Up With Google to Offer Free In-Flight WiFi
By Axxxr
Virgin America is the first airline to offer both standard power outlets near every seat and fleet-wide Gogo Inflight Internet service.  I can’t wait until all airlines offer power outlets; a key to adoption in my opinion, particularly for longer flights that don’t have free access or free trials.

T-Mobile's “Project Dark” a Threat to Prepaid Providers
By Colin Gibbs
T-Mobile launches its new Even More Plus plans.  While they’re certainly not the lowest price, the value is reasonable (at least compared to what the previously had), and their handset selection is superior to many prepaid carriers.

Walmart Takes Flak for Limited, Unlimited Wireless
This whole idea of marketing unlimited plans that have restrictions is getting tiring.  If it’s not unlimited, please don’t state it as such!  If for the average person, it would essentially be unlimited, great!  Just spend more time with the Marketing department to device a campaign to inform customers of that fact.  Customers simply will no longer tolerate these half truths, and will demonstrate that by their purchase decisions.

The Economy Helps Boost the Prepaid Market
By Danielle Nohe
Certainly nothing new here, but good data nonetheless.  I believe that once the economy recovers (and it will!), prepaid will still continue to grow.  It simply makes sense to expect good value without the need to lock into a contract, and people are willing to pay more for their phones for that flexibility.

AT&T rolls out $60, Unlimited GoPhone Offering

RCR Wireless
AT&T jumps in with its own prepaid unlimited offering.  It’s not going to apply pressure on pricing with existing competitors, but a respectable plan nonetheless.  Just remember to check their GoPhone coverage maps, as their coverage is limited on these plans compared to their postpaid nationwide coverage.

Leap Announces Cricket PAYG Sales Agreement via Target Locations
Leap to launches its PAYG products in Target.  Distribution has definitely been one of Cricket’s weaker points.  Target is a win for them.  Hopefully we’ll see more larger retailers added as well.

What's New at

  • Updated Compare Unlimited Plans to reflect that StraightTalk now includes unlimited Web/data & added in the notes that the new AT&T plan has limited coverage for Pay As You Go vs. Pick Your Plan.
  • Added new Wind Mobile page.

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