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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, August 2009 -- Sprint buys Virgin Mobile for a cool $483 million!
August 01, 2009

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - August 2009 Issue


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Ready Wireless jumps on unlimited bandwagon
FierceWireless - Washington, DC, USA
Ready Mobile launches a 3-day and 7-day unlimited plan with pretty competitive pricing.  It’s great to see more options for customers!

Lowballin': TracFone Launches $45 Prepaid Unlimited Offer
Billing World - Westminster, CO, USA
TracFone’s new Straight Talk Unlimited plan is definitely in response to the $50 unlimited offerings that have come to market as of late.  Whether this pricing is sustainable still remains to be seen; we hope so!  The program is in trial mode, and not yet widely available.

Analyst: Straight Talk plan getting traction in Atlanta
FierceWireless - Washington, DC, USA
Early results are promising for TracFone’s new/first monthly plan.  We’ll see if they’re able to successful exit trial mode, and expand their distribution.

Boost Mobile Drops Prices For CDMA Customers
InformationWeek - Manhasset, NY, USA
Boost drops the price of its CDMA UNLTD plan to bring it more in line with its iDEN Monthly Unlimited plan.  Note, however, that telco taxes and reload fees still apply to their CDMA plan, so the iDEN version is still a better deal if you don’t mind the iDEN handsets and network. 

US Airways to add in-flight Wi-Fi
USA Today - USA
Wi-Fi in the sky is the latest prepaid Internet offering that starting to gain traction.  US Airways is the latest carrier to add the service via Aircell's Gogo program.

IP Carrier: 50% to 60% of New Prepaid Wireless Users Will Never Go ...
By Gary Kim
The only thing stopping the penetration figure from reaching 90% or more is the availability of better handsets and a full suite of services.  Although it’s been improving significantly, until people can access prepaid iPhones, Palm Pres, and reasonable data pricing, postpaid will still have value to many customers.  That said, prepaid has been growing leaps and bounds, and we can expect this trend to continue!

Sprint Nextel Buying Virgin Mobile Prepaid Service
Washington Post
Sprint buys Virgin Mobile in $483 million deal.  What will become of the Boost and Virgin brands?  I’m currently preparing new content with a complete discussion of Sprint’s branding strategy as a result of this new purchase.

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