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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, March 2009 -- Have your say by sharing your reviews!
March 01, 2009

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - March 2009 Issue


Prepaid wireless is a growing and truly exciting industry.  At Prepaid Wireless Guide I try to provide you with in-depth information that isn't readily available anywhere else.  Its content is original, and created from first hand experience working in the prepaid wireless industry.

This monthly email provides you with a quick glance at what's in the news so that you can easily keep informed.  I believe in brief, to-the-point summaries/commentary so that you can move onto other tasks in your day.  Each snippet includes a link to the original story should you be interested in the full details.

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Leap jumps into full-track fray with Cricket Mobile Music service (source article removed)
February 10 - 11:20 am ET | Dan Meyer | RCR Wireless News

Leap Wireless International Inc
. is bringing music to the masses.  You can purchase full track songs for $1.99 each or three per month for $5.  This appears to be the first widely available music download service for prepaid.  I’ll look at tracking how this program evolves!

Boost Mobile Expands Retail Distribution into 2400 Additional Radio Shack Stores (source article removed)
Boost Mobile, the prepaid division of Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S), is expanding its nationwide distribution in Radio Shack stores.  This expansion appears to be aligned with their recent launch of their new Monthly Unlimited plan on iDEN.  Radio Shack appears to be a great partner for wireless!

Verizon Wireless Revamps Prepaid Options (Phone Scoop)
By Eric M. Zeman
On February 11, Verizon Wireless introduced new prepaid services for customers not interested in post-paid accounts. The Prepaid Unlimited Talk plan provides users with unlimited calling to any number on any U.S. network for a daily charge.  Ironically, although I’ve read a number of articles discussing their new plans and pricing, I can find no mention of them on their website.  Before updating the comparison charts, I want to ensure that these plans are truly available.  If anyone has been able to locate or verify that these new plans actually do exist, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Virgin Mobile USA announces Helio Ocean 2 (source article removed)
With a similar hardware build as the first Helio Ocean, the Ocean 2 has a larger 2.6-inch display screen with QVGA resolution.  For those Ocean fans, this is pretty exciting news.  As for me, I’ll get excited should there ever be a prepaid Palm Pre ;-).

Cricket Communications to begin mobile phone service in Chicago area (source article removed)
Chicago Tribune - United States
A subsidiary of San Diego-based Leap Wireless International Inc., Cricket competes with other prepaid providers such as Virgin Mobile and Sprint Nextel's Boost Mobile.  It’s great to see companies expanding given the current economy.  Prepaid really has its place, and this economy is only accentuating the value and need to access prepaid services. 

Boost Mobile has launched a new campaign meant to emphasize straightforward pricing
Boost is standing up for prepaid wireless consumers and eliminating additional charges, such as activation fees, overage charges and extra costs for services like voicemail and roaming.  Their new positioning is aimed at broadening their demographic appeal with a simple to understand, all you can eat plan.

Boost Mobile $50 'Monthly Unlimited' Plan Saves Customers Money (source article removed)
Boost Mobile customers can enjoy superior value in prepaid wireless services by switching to their new $50 'Monthly Unlimited' plan on iDEN.  For customers not interested in high speed (3G) type data services, this voice/text/PTT unlimited nationwide plan is really a great deal worth checking out.

Page Plus Cellular Offers WAP Wireless Internet Service; BREW Coming Soon (source article removed)
Prepaid Cellular Phone Provider Continues to Expand Services
Holland, OH, February 27, 2009 - Prepaid cellular phone service provider Page Plus Cellular has expanded its service offerings to include Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), also known as “Wireless Internet,” "Wireless Web,” or "Mobile Web." Wireless Internet can be used to view email, news, weather, and to download internet contents. This feature is available on select Page Plus handsets which contain mini-browser software that allows the user to navigate various services on the Internet, which are viewed on the phone display. The charge for the service is $1.20 per megabyte transferred.

Page Plus also announced it will soon offer BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), a software platform created by Qualcomm that provides a comprehensive, industry-proven solution for the development and delivery of advanced wireless data across virtually every media category. Applications include everything from full-track music, ringtones and wallpapers to streaming audio, video, navigation and games. BREW will be available in May of this year.

What's New at

  • Added AirVoice plans to the PAYG comparison chart.  Find it here.
  • Added invitation on subsidy page asking how much you’d be willing to pay for your phone to avoid a contract; visitors to the site would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contribute here!
  • American Messaging is new MVNO.  I’m currently researching their service before adding it to the site; however, feel free to check out their service here.
  • Added Kajeet to the PAYG comparison chart.  Their service is targeted specifically at kids.  They offer some extremely powerful tools to help parents keep their kids safe, while simultaneously managing their access to wireless services.  Expect more information on this topic to be added to the site in the future.  Find details of their plan here.
  • Updated T-Mobile Unlimited plan to reflect that text messaging is included (thank you for pointing out the mistake Chris D.!).  Find the plan details here.
  • Updated MetroPCS chart to reflect that it is a CDMA and not a GSM network, as well as the availability of ChatLINK walkie talkie service (thank you to Jen J. for pointing out these items!).  Find the plan details here.
  • Added an About page.  If you’re interested in learning about how came to be, and are looking to startup your own business, you may find this to be interesting.  Check it out here.

Last month invitations were added for visitors to contribute Prepaid Wireless Reviews on the following topics:

  • How Much Money Have You Saved With Prepaid Wireless?

If you have any experience with these plans or topics, please do share them by visiting these pages and submitting your reviews/comments.  You’d be surprised how many emails I get asking for reviews of different products.  As I just recently added this functionality to the site, I need your help to get the ball rolling!

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