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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, May 2009 -- Let the price wars begin!
May 01, 2009

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - May 2009 Issue


Prepaid wireless is a growing and truly exciting industry.  At Prepaid Wireless Guide I try to provide you with in-depth information that isn't readily available anywhere else.  Its content is original, and created from first hand experience working in the prepaid wireless industry.

This monthly email provides you with a quick glance at what's in the news so that you can easily keep informed.  I believe in brief, to-the-point summaries/commentary so that you can move onto other tasks in your day.  Each snippet includes a link to the original story should you be interested in the full details.

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Boost Mobile Adds Worldwide Texting Option to Monthly Unlimited Plan (source article removed)
FOXBusiness - USA
Although it's not really a worldwide offering, the $10 monthly add-on will get you unlimited international texting and Walkie-Talkie in and between the U.S., Canada, Baja, and other select areas.  Not a bad deal for certain people.

Nokia Proves Phones Can’t be Too Thin or Too Smart (source article removed)
By Kamal Prashar

The thinnest QWERTY smartphone, the Nokia 1661 coming to T-Mobile USA.  It will come preloaded with games.  It's definitely good to see the selection and quality of prepaid devices accelerating this year.  One step closer to an "any phone, any payment method" model.

Best Buy offers iPhones without contracts
Best Buy will be offering Apple's iPhone without a contract.  However, hold your breath for the pricing: $599 for the 8GB model, and $699 for the 16GB model.  Any takers?

New MetroPCS subscribers rise 51 percent in 1Q (source article removed)
Forbes - NY,USA
MetroPCS Communications Inc., announced that it added 684,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year, up 51% from the same time last year.  That's truly an amazing accomplishment and shows the growth in prepaid wireless.  Now all they need to do is reduce churn to avoid the cost of losing customers too quickly.

Virgin Mobile joins prepaid price war (source article removed)
The Associated Press
On April 15th, Virgin announced a price cut of its unlimited plan from $80 to $50 per month.  Definitely in response to Boost Mobile's January launch of its Monthly Unlimited plan, and continued competitive pressures by MetroPCS.  However, customers beware, this plan doesn't include text or Web, so be sure to compare apples to apples before making your selection!  Virgin also announced the availability of Pink Slip Protection, where they'll pay up to three months of your monthly payment in the event that you lose your job.  It was only a matter of time before a wireless carrier mirrored (or shall I say copied) the automotive protection programs as of late.  Not the same impact as a car payment, but a nice touch nonetheless.

COX Plans to Launch a Cellular Network
Wall Street Journal - USA
COX to enter the wireless market by building its own network.  It will offer both monthly and prepaid options.  While offering bundles with TV, Internet, and cellular is certainly compelling, I question the business case behind building their own network....yikes.

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