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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, Jan 2012 - Prepaid Wireless WILL Catch Up to Postpaid!
January 01, 2012

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - January 2012 Issue


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Can Prepaid Smartphones Catch Up To Postpaid?
This article only has half of the story correct; that being that prepaid is catching up to postpaid in terms of features, and that handset selection is not as good as postpaid.  Where it has it wrong, however, is that prepaid prospects are certainly NOT grim, and you don’t need to sacrifice that much to save money on prepaid.  In fact, within a few years, the stigma that still remains with prepaid wireless in the U.S. will start to dissipate even more rapidly as prepaid smartphone selection becomes much better.  You’ll be able to get a quality, well priced prepaid smartphone without having to swallow the higher postpaid prices.  Wake up America, prepaid is the future, and we’re one of the only country that hasn’t yet figured that out!

PrepaYd Wireless Launches $40 Unlimited Plan
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PrepaYd Wireless is a new Sprint MVNO that launched in December offering unlimited plans starting at $35.  In addition, they’re offering a couple of handsets for free to new customers, and they don’t have any low income household requirements.  While the handset selection is not sexy, there are some excellent options with plans that truly offer great value.  I look forward to seeing this new company succeed in this competitive market!

Boost Mobile Facebook Begging Application
Boost customers can now beg friends and family to topup their prepaid account via a new integrated Facebook app.  With Facebook privacy issues still in the news, I wonder whether people will trust this app to securely transact with their credit cards despite processing being done by a trusted third-party provider (Vesta Corporation).  You can use various personalized banners on your Wall, or you can send out messages (i.e. begging requests), even to those who don’t have a Facebook account.  Kind of a cool idea, which I’m interested to see if people will use!

Virgin Mobile to Get Two New Prepaid Android Smartphones
Virgin is said to be launching two new mid-tier Android phones; one with a QWERTY keyboard, and one with a full touch screen.  While I’d like to see some more higher end phones, these ones offer a couple of new decent options for the average consumer.  I should also note that while I like physical keyboards, I’d like to see an OEM step up and offer a portrait version with a larger screen; oh well.  Also, if they don’t get these two phones out relatively soon, and at the right price, they will quickly become over-priced low-end smartphones…hurry up Sprint!

LG Optimus Black and Samsung Replenish Coming to Boost Mobile

It’s questionable whether or not this is newsworthy, however, if the prices of these two Android smartphones come in on the lower end, they could have some real appeal.  While I don’t have any first-hand experience with the LG Optimus Black, I’ve used the Samsung Replenish and can honestly say that the screen quality is so poor that it’s virtually unusable.  It’s not that it’s illegible, but that it’s so grainy and washed out that it disappoints deeply.

Android Smartphones Are Perfect for Prepaid
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The fact that there are so many manufacturers supporting Android gives it a massive benefit in terms of huge competition.  As a result, prices are getting to be as low as they can be, while packing in more and more features.  Yes, there are varying degrees of hardware capabilities (i.e. processor speed and memory), however, even that is quickly dissipating.  The fact is that without the onset of Android as a pervasive smartphone platform, we would not see the variety of handsets available on prepaid that we see today.  Love it or hate it, Android has been great for the growth of the prepaid wireless market!

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