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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, March 2010 -- Ready Wireless Expands Retail Distribution
March 01, 2010

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - March 2010 Issue


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Leap Wireless Seeks a Buyer
Wall Street Journal
Again talks surface of a Leap partnership/merger/acquisition.  With the tremendous competition seen in 2009, one would presume that significant headway on a merger needs to happen this year in order for the company to profitably compete.  Though a 2010 merger doesn’t seem likely, some big announcements should be expected.

PreCash Introduces First Transaction Fee Free Card
PR Newswire (press release)
With the continued credit crunch, the focus on prepaid debit cards is inevitable, not to mention wise.  Consumers are tired of fees, so this new fee-free product is a breath of fresh air, but keep in mind that it’s not for casual users, but for those seeking to replace usage of a credit card, as it requires a minimum monthly spend of $1,000, which isn’t unreasonable whatsoever.  Also, look forward to new Federal regulations coming up that will more tightly regulate fees on prepaid reloadable debit cards.

Sprint's Loss Narrows; Adds Prepaid Users
It will be interesting to see what the Sprint organization looks like five years from now.  Will they be a predominantly prepaid carrier with some niche postpaid offers?  Well, maybe not in five years, but in 10 years, such a model is entirely possible if prepaid continues to grow while postpaid slows and begins a rapid decline.

Page Plus Cellular Reduces Roaming Rate on Prepaid Services
Page Plus decreased their roaming rates from $0.59/min to $0.29/min.  Any of the major carriers who have been dismissing Page Plus would be wise to take note of the aggressive pricing changes they’ve made over the past year.  It will be interesting to see how they evolve over 2010.

Free Cell Phone Service for Poor Lowers Rates

WalletPop (blog)
Once Assurance Wireless customers use up their free 200 minutes, they can now purchase additional minutes (using Virgin Mobile topup cards) for $0.10/min; previously $0.20/min.  Not a bad offer.

Kajeet Helps Set Ground Rules for Kids’ Cell Phone Use

Understanding that there’s a real need and value for kids to have cell phones, kajeet offers up a sample contract to help ensure that kids use their cell phone responsibly, and with appropriate parental supervision.  From their site you can download a copy of the sample contract; thank you kajeet!

Ready Wireless, LLC Announces Product Launch in More Than 900 Murphy USA Retail Locations

PR Newswire (press release)
Murphy retailers will feature Ready Wireless’ unlimited calling options.  It’s great to see additional retail presence, for distribution is certainly king in the prepaid business.  Hopefully we’ll see their prepaid broadband product expand its distribution as well.

What's New at
  • Updated all plan Comparison Charts to reflect that Page Plus roaming decreased from $0.59/min to $0.29/min
  • Answered Content 2.0 question:  Prepaid wireless Internet cards


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