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Prepaid Wireless Tracker, December 2008 -- Prepaid Wireless is Growing & It's Here to Stay!
December 01, 2008

Prepaid Wireless Tracker - December 2008 Issue


Prepaid wireless is a growing and truly exciting industry.  At Prepaid Wireless Guide I try to provide you with in-depth information that isn't readily available anywhere else.  Its content is original, and created from first hand experience working in the prepaid wireless industry.

This monthly email provides you with a quick glance at what's in the news so that you can easily keep informed.  I believe in brief, to-the-point commentary so that you can move onto other tasks in your day.  Each snippet includes a link to the original story should you be interested in the full details.

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MetroPCS, Leap appear poised to launch free roaming on each other's networks (source article removed)
Allie Winter and Mike Dano | RCR Wireless News

MetroPCS Communications Inc. announced a “nationwide” calling plan that the carrier said stretches to 300 U.S. cities.  This agreement enables these two regional carriers to better compete with competitors that have much better network coverage.  It seems inevitable that these two players will revisit a merger deal; we'll see!

Leap Wireless stays on track with its buildout, hits the Cheese-Heads (source article removed)
November 19 - 1:29 pm EDT | Allie Winter | RCR Wireless New
Leap Wireless International Inc. is expanding service to Milwaukee, Wisc.  This is consistent with the expansion of Cricket services as they continue to invest in growth; a good sign in this tough economic climate.

Cricket Wireless to Expand $45 Unlimited Service to Chicago
Cell Phones Guide - Adam Fendelman
Cricket Wireless says it's ready to expand its low-cost wireless service to its largest market yet: Chicago. To fuel the expansion, Cricket says it will hire approximately 2,150 employees in Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago beginning next week.  More great news for growth in a market where people seem to be getting laid off on a weekly basis.
Prepaid Cell Phones: The Global Choice
By (myGPT Team)
Prepaid wireless service is almost always less expensive than postpaid monthly plan rates. On average, 20% of all purchased minutes on contract plans go unused month to month.  The reality is that prepaid wireless is a great value that is no longer just for the credit challenged.  Expect prepaid to continue to make huge gains into the mainstream over the next two years.

Cellular Phone Services & Bill Payment Services: The New Wave For Merchant Retailers
By admin
The reality is that North America is starting to catch on to the value and benefits of prepaid wireless service.  Places like Europe, for example, have had predominant penetration of prepaid for years; it's inevitable that the U.S. will catch on!

O2 Wireless to debut at Best Buy
Prepaid Reviews - Guelph, ON, Canada
Locus Telecommunications is offering the international value of O2 Wireless in 1,150 Best Buy stores and on  Those purchasing the O2 Wireless Universal SIM Card can now use their unlocked GSM phone for use with O2 service and get great rates calling Europe.

Prepaid service growth to continue into 2009
FierceWireless - Washington, DC, USA
Prepaid wireless service, which has been gaining steam over the past year, and will continue to outpace contract-based growth going into 2009.  This represents additional discussion/evidence regarding the theme of this month --> Prepaid wireless is growing rapidly, and it's here to stay!


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  • Updated per minute comparison chart to reflect lower Boost Mobile anytime minute pricing, and increase in GoPhone per message texting price.  Learn more here.
  • Added new Cricket PAYG plans to per day comparison chart..
  • Added new pages pertaining to Identity Theft, Preventing Identity Theft, and Identity Theft Protection.
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