Getting a "Device Not Activated" message for Virgin Broadband2Go!!

I have recently purchased a Broadband 2Go prepaid internet modem. After installing the software, I contacted Virgin Mobile by phone for tech support to get things working properly. Everything was fine until yesterday (Sunday 4/17/11), at which time when I was connecting to the internet, I recieved a "Device Not Activated" signal. I tried all day to reach Tech Support and was disconnected everytime I called.

I started calling Tech Support all day this morning and still cannot reach anyone. This is really getting to be too much!! If you were as fast at fixing problems as you are taking my money, I would be impressed! Now I'm $150.00 invested in a device that I used for 3 days and now it doesn't work correctly..... and to add insult to injury... I cannot get connected to anyone at Virgin to get any help..... VERY PROFESSIONAL !!

This is really getting ridicules...

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Jun 17, 2015
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Apr 23, 2011
re:Sprint's data plan
by: Anonymous

After reading the article just posted about Virgin Mobile's $40.00 per month data plan, I recall a conversation I had with an business associate in Ft Lauderdale area yesterday. He said basically the same thing The Sprint USB data stick repeatedly loses connectivity after approx 10 minutes which creates a bad user experience. Yes, Verizon's plan is $75.00 per mo.with a 2 yr contract.As he explained you stay connected and it's fairly fast so the user experience is pretty good The Sprint-Virgin Mobile plan is just wasted money and lot's of aggravation. You pick!

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